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Question for Discussion?

I am fascinated by planets on the MC. By the nature of it, I assume they will square the ASC and DSC. They will oppose the IC. I understand that the planet conjunct the MC. will show it’s face to the world. One cannot hide it even if one want to such as in the case of Chiron(pain) or the Moon(one’s heart and one’s emotions). The planet conjunct the MC opposes the IC as these are always opposite but exact degrees. My theory is that the person could not express his planet in his childhood. This suppression prepared the planet for the sky rocketing of it to the MC where it would be forced to be expressed. This is my working theory, anyway.It hold true for the few cases of people who have reported to me. Now, I go on to the ASC/DSC axis. I assume the MC is square this, although it may not always be. I am open to your knowledge of this. I will assume the MC planet square the ASC and DSC until I hear otherwise. If this is the case, what can we surmise? Does the person with Moon conj the MC have a hard time showing his heart in his daily life(ASC). Does he have a hard time showing his heart in his relationships(DSC). I am using the Moon as an example. I could have used any planet as an example. The dynamics of each planet is different, of course. I am wondering about the squares and the oppositions of the MC planet to the other angles I am going to pose this question to all the places I study Astrology. Please, answer from your knowledge, personal experience and understanding.


2 thoughts on “Question for Discussion?

  1. amiannDL

    well in my chart i have venus conjunct the MC and as im not a full adult i dont think my anwser will be accurate (also my venus does not square my asc\dsc axis like your moon does)

    i can say that in my childhood i had NO social life except from that one friend that i told you about (whom i met at 3rd grade…. till then i was all alone)

    also have been called ugly many times in my childhood which hit my self-esteem real hard
    and my mother was of no use to me on this

    but i think im getting much better
    recently i started wearing nice fashionable clothes and became more sociable….got more friend now….better and nicer then the ones i used to have
    i think i still need to grow into my venus XD but im sure it will be better in the future

    looking on your moon i can only come to this conclusion
    (opposition to IC)
    you want to be a loving and nurturing person to others becuse when you were little you had no one (or had but it wasnt available all the time) to care and support you

    (square to asc\mc axis)
    this might mean that your need to help nurture and share you understanding and theories with others (moon is in 9th) might keep you too occupied to focus on yourself or your relationship so care must be given to not overemphasize the need of the community against your needs and the needs of your relationship

    that my view on things anyway….
    il be glad to hear comments

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      DL–you are so right about my moon. I am so glad you are feeling better. A Cap ASC can be hard as the person has to grow up early. He may have to have been a serious child due to hardships in the family.Venus conj the MC WILL be a bringing of beauty and love to the MC xox
      I realized that I had the Axis’ wrong. The IC/MC is ONE Axis. The ASC/DSC is totally separate.

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