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Question for Those Who Have Had Squared or Opposed Moons in Synastry

Please, tell me which moons. Please, tell me the aspect–square or opposition. Please, tell me about the nature of the relationship. Please, tell me if it lasted. Thank you!tea pot

11 thoughts on “Question for Those Who Have Had Squared or Opposed Moons in Synastry

  1. amiannRachel

    My mother and I have opposing moons. Hers in Aries and mine, the dreaded Libra ( I know how much you love us 😉 ). My mom isn’t the most stable emotionally; she has bouts of depression and she has flipped out in front of me where it was frightening. When I was a teenager, I was always more rebellious and would tell her off, typical teenage attitude. I ended up moving half an hour away my senior year and living with my friend while I finished high school because she said I deserved to be sexually molested when I was 5 years old because I was a slut. (this was the straw that broke the camel’s back). A slut because I had protected sex as an 18 year old within a long term committed relationship and she found out by spying on my internet activity. She destroyed my bedroom. I swear I wasn’t a bad kid, she was just unstable I suppose.

    These days, all that is in the past. I have an OK relationship with her, but I don’t go out of my way to help her unless she asks. I try not to rock the boat and I’d rather not be emotional with her. When she gets emotional, I have to defuse the situation and mediate. It’s rare for us to hug, or say “I love you”. I have more current things to be upset with her about, but I don’t discuss it much as I prefer my life to remain calm. I also get scared that she would do something irrational if I upset her. She has tried to commit suicide a while back. All of this, and she is a social worker 🙂 My past was turbulent, and I have the choice to have my peace. I think this ties into my Taurus North Node in the 2nd house.

  2. amiannferryleaf

    My best friend of over 20 years and I have squared moons (a 2 degree, 46 sec orb).

    I have very few close friends…you could even say that she is my only-ever permanent one. So for me to call someone my “best” friend for over 20 years is practically a marriage. lol

    Her moon is in Gemini and mine is in Virgo. She is a Cap sun and I am a Taurus. It is funny, because not only are our moons squared, but most of our synastry chart is a tangle of squares and oppositions! xD To be honest, from looking at our charts I have no idea why we’re best friends. But we are. <3

    Anyway, I wasn't even sure that Gemini moons were one of my favourites, or just a fluke, in her case – xD lol – until you asked that question in one of the last posts, about our favourite moons. And I went looking at all the charts I know, people I've known…and Gemini moon surprised me by showing up enough times, with enough warm associations with those relationships, that I included it. 🙂

  3. amiannEva

    My ex husband and I have square Moons. It is wide orb (10 degrees) but you could definitely feel it. I could always feel that he is not my soul mate, it felt like when I really needed balm on my soul or shoulder to lean on there wasn’t any, that’s how I would describe it but I didn’t care because I loved him so much. Nothing in life is only black and white, I just always accepted him way he was,no one is perfect and he had loving side too. But most of the time I felt emotionally upset ( and I am sure he too) so there were lot of ups and downs in our relationship. He could never accept me. He was always comparing our relationship and me to girlfriends of his friends(comparing me not in physical way), he was indirectly always letting me know how perfect relationships all his friends have (in the end all of them separated). I never knew how important is moon connection in synastry, but all your articles taught me a lot Ami. Good moon connection is like 2 pieces of puzzle perfectly fitted. Me and my ex were 2 completely different pieces. I don’t understand why but I always wanted him anyway, even when he was hurting me in certain ways I would never cheat on him or leave him. I am very loyal and I always wore my heart on my sleeve while he was always very secretive and in the end he backstabbed me and cheated on me. We are divorcing now after 10 years of being together. I would never imagine it will end up this way.

  4. amiannEva

    My moon is Saggi and my ex is Pisces moon. He was love of my life. I can’t imagine myself to be with someone else. Why I want someone who hurt me.

  5. amiannMel

    My mom is Moon in Scorpio, and my dad is Moon in Aquarius.
    I’m Moon in Leo.

    I’ve realized that our differences have everything to do with how we define loyalty.
    I’m loyal to those I love.
    My mother is loyal, because of love.
    And my father is loyal to *what* he loves.

    My mother will take my side, on principle, because she’s my mother.
    My father will not take my side, on principle, because he thinks I’m in the wrong.

    We are always 90 degrees apart on how we see everything.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Man Mel
      You explained it ALL in those few sentences. That is exactly how I feel and what I was trying to get across in my articles. I would like to put your comment on an article, I think. May I? Thank you for being a reader and for your perceptive comment. Please, keep them coming! 🙂

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