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QUIET–Your Shadow Self—Hekate

A pink waterHekate is Asteroid Number 100. That is a cool clean number for an asteroid that obscures ourselves. I know you have seen a person who thinks she is the exact opposite of who she really is. The real shine out under the fake, superficial exterior. The mask runs only skin deep. Under the mask, is some form of a cesspool. Before I go on, let me say that we all refuse to face certain parts of ourselves.

For some people, it is lust. For others, it is anger. For others, it is jealousy. For others, it is fear. The possibilities are endless, as you can see. Once again, the chart comes to the rescue.Locate your Hekate. See what it touches. That will be what you do not want to face in yourself. The funny thing is that most people can see it in you.  *Sigh* Life can be a major bummer.

I am asking for your reports about the Hekate in your charts because that way, we all can learn. I could never do enough charts to figure out the practical workings of all the asteroids. I don’t think an Astrologer could even master all the asteroids. It is a land of adventure waiting for exploration. That is what I like to do with you, so I eagerly await your Hekate information!

48 thoughts on “QUIET–Your Shadow Self—Hekate

  1. amiannTiffany

    Pallas 9 degrees, Hekate 13 degrees, Sun 19 degrees in Libra, 11th house. The degrees aren’t close but your description seems to fit me. Could you give me more of a description of myself and how this would make me come off to others ? I know this is my shadow self but my shadow self is conjuncting sun and pallas. I’m honestly not sure of how this would play out. The more details the better. Lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Umm well, the degrees are far as you said but I will give an example of Pallas conj Hekate and and Hekate conj the Sun. Pallas is tribal wisdom such as the elders of the tribe had.If Hekate conj Pallas, you will not be able to see your OWN tribal wisdom. Maybe, you feel you have to ask others for their wisdom because you can’t tap into your own. What do you think,Tiffany?

  2. amiannShen

    front row seat coming. lol

    frankly, i’m doing research in this ast. since a person i know, has it.

    Person A
    Hekate conj Destin conj Adonis in Scorpio, house 11

    Person B
    Hekate conj Venus (2 deg. Orb) in Leo, House 1

          1. amiannShen

            Person B cannot see the loving part of himself.
            it means…
            He dislike himself. or
            He lack sincerity for loving any woman. or
            He is not sure whom he loves. he may think which one is the best woman for him.

  3. amiannLesley

    Oh Boy! Hekate in my chart conjuncts Eris within 2deg. in the 7th house and is in Aries. If Eris is an annoying asteroid will I be a pain in the neck in love and not be able to see it?

      1. amiannLesley

        Yes! Does it really mean that? But you are right. I don’t see myself that way. (LOL). BTW I am working on getting my chart up. I signed up to photobucket and have my chart from, but am having trouble uploading it and putting it on the forum. I will figure it out, though. I want (I think) to know myself better.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The Photo bucket took me 4 years to do. It is not hard. My friend told me to go on U tube and they will show you how to do anything. I need to learn Sykpe.

          1. amiannLesley

            Skype is good, but I always hesitate, as I am not always comfortable face to face over the computer(sort of like you have to be concerned about your appearance to talk to someone. It feels a little invasive to me. I will check out you tube though, as I learn to do a lot of things from there. I even watched a video on how to check the oil in the car. Very useful.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Umm Yes, I would say everything is important but I stick to conjunctions (mainly) with personal planets and angles. There is so much to look at in a chart that one chart takes me 3-4 days, as it is, but everything is important in the chart, every detail. I have kind of not looked at Houses just from the sheer amount of info in any given chart but it would be interested to talk about it. I look at the sign of the asteroids the same way. Now, that I think of it, I think I am overlooking a lot though, Lesley lol

      1. amiannLesley

        I guess the houses determine the area that would be effected by the planet or asteroid. In my case, Hekate and Eris are in the 7th house of love . It makes sense to me as this is one area that doesn’t flow well. Maybe because I don’t see myself clearly. I’m not sure about the sign of the asteroids, perhaps, as in my case, both are in Aries, I will say and do without forethought. But, in saying that, if someone knows generally what each house represents and what each sign means, they can figure out that for themselves. I have more trouble remembering what the asteroids mean,(LOL)!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Enaid
      I don’t look at Houses or Signs with asteroids. I look at them when they conjunct a personal planet or angle. I am sure everything in the chart has meaning but there are Themes for each person and they would be the things I mentioned in my opinion but lets just play with the House. Is God a hard subject for you?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I see. I don’t deal with House and sign with asteroids because I think the bulk of the value is in close conjunctions to personal parts of the charts. However, every single thing does matter in a chart.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Who is this? This person would have a very hard time accessing his/her pain. he may hide it behind a smile etc. Is this you, Moonie? The 8th house would double the hidden nature of the Chiron, too. Tell me about it, I wonder if he would be sexual as a way to deal with pain? I am just wondering about that but don’t know.

      1. amiannMoonChild

        House 7 Ami, that is me.

        Yes, I do smile, and keep the pain, mostly with myself.

        And I wouldn’t deny being sexual to “de-stress” but thankfully not in a hurting, or addictive way, I channel (or atleast try to) my sexuality in the right ways possible.

      1. amiannSusan

        My Child conjunct Sun is always really surprised when men assume I’ll have an affair.It has happened my whole adult life. I’m happily married, great sex life, no conflict at all except the assumptions of others.
        As far as Sado, I do understand the spiritual concept of S/M. If a very powerful man wants to find God, his ego has to be broken to let God in. A ‘Mistress’ can do this for him via S/M. I don’t see it as a dark thing, I see it as a spiritual path.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Wow, I don’t know much about S/M so can’t comment, Susan, but I never heard that lol

          Why would Child conj your Sun make men think that you will have an affair? I am not following the reasoning.

          1. amiannSusan

            Sorry you misunderstood my comment.To clarify, I think it’s the MC conjunctions bringing them in and my Sun/Child is the disbelief that that’s what their intentions are.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I don’t understand, Susan. Could you start from the beginning and ask the question again or make the statement. Thanks so much!

          3. amiannSusan

            Sure. Now this is just me thinking out loud about all this,so I could be wrong.So for what it’s worth, I think the MC conjunct Eros and Hekate puts out a signal, not always one you know/realize you are projecting. As in ‘Hey! I’m up for a good time, how about you?’
            And the Sun/Child assumes the guy just wants to be friends, like when we were all kids, just friends. Innocent.

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww OK Eros conj the MC is super sexy. Will you send me a pic, Susan. I like to see the Eros and Lilith conj the ASC and MC. Anyway, the fact that Hekate is there may make YOU not realize the signal you are putting out. That would be my guess, My Friend.
            Sun conj Child sounds lovely!

  4. amianncatman90

    I think the way you described Hekate is great!
    Although sometimes I do wonder if her darkness in the chart isn’t always hidden.I wonder if some people can deliberately choose to own her energy and become one with the darkness.
    Or another possibility I thought of is perhaps she can also deliberately reveal what’s been hidden kept secret,shouldn’t never be spoken about and what is lurking in the shadows.Perhaps some people with a prominent Hekate whether they like it or not really don’t have a choice when it comes to uncovering the dark side of life.Perhaps these people may find that they are always uncovering things should have been kept secret or having what’s been hidden revealed to them even when they weren’t consciously searching for the knowledge they received.

  5. amiannmelissa

    Hmm…I don’t have Hekate aspecting any planets, but….

    Hekate in 4th House Aquarius [I also have Pallas here.]
    Hekate trine Varuna
    Hekate opposite Logos
    Hekate sextile Hebe
    Hekate opposite Atropos
    Hekate sextile Aphrodite
    Hekate conjunct Ishtar
    Hekate sextile Discovery
    Hekate trine House 4
    Hekate sextile Midheaven

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