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Real Life Astrology—Am I Normal?

We know who we are, down deep. It can be scary. We wonder if we are alone, in the terrible things we see in ourselves. It is hard to look at the depravity in one’s own heart.It is harder to realize that the same depravity is in the heart of others. Back to the question. Normal is the average within certain boundaries. There is a Bell Curve for all traits. If one stays in the middle, one is average.If one goes out to the ends, one is above or below average. How about the concept of normality?I think all traits can be graphed on the Bell Curve. If you are in the middle, you are within acceptable parameters.If you are on either end, you are out of the normal range. This may make you a musical or creative genius. This may make you a sports genius, as sports has it’s own form of intelligence. It may make you a brilliant inventor or a brilliant theorist. However,we are on an Astrology site and want to relate this to Astrology.

I think one’s empathy makes one normal, to a large extent.One’s empathy allows one to feel one’s own emotional reactions, as well as know what others are feeling. This processing of information links us to others,as we process things the same way.In that sense, we are the same as our brothers. Empathy is shown in the chart by Jupiter, in my opinion.Jupiter is one’s conscience. Jupiter’s sign makes one more or less sympathetic to others. The water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, will always have the most natural empathy. I am not sure, in terms of the Earth, Air or Fire Signs, which would come next. However. I think it is the aspects to Jupiter which make the difference between our feeling part of the Brotherhood of man, or separate. There are certain disorders which blunt empathy. There is probably a Bell Curve for empathy. Then, if you want to add to the mix, there are those who are too empathetic. I think this may develop from having to be hyper vigilant in childhood. Nature and Nurture, always, blend to make a whole. The chart shows Nature. It shows Nurture, too, in that it shows our parents and our childhood. However, for purposes of this discussion, we will leave Nature/Nurture behind and go on. Back to the topic. Jupiter and it’s aspects allow for one’s empathy quotient. The degree to which Jupiter is blunted would be the degree to which one’s empathy is blunted, in my opinion. There are gradations in the trait of empathy from too empathetic to no feeling for oneself or another. One must have empathy for oneself to feel it for another. We recognize ourselves in others and vice versa, based on empathy. So, empathy would be one factor in making one normal.

After that, one needs to go to the Bell Curve, again. As I said, there is a Bell Curve for every trait. If one finds oneself outside of the Bell Curve in musical ability, that is accepted. If one finds oneself outside of the Bell Curve for genius, that is accepted. However, what if one finds oneself outside of the Bell Curve for evil. There is evil which can be shown by the charts. Algol is one of the Fixed stars which is associated with Evil. Cruelty can be shown by the charts. Saturn in hard aspect to Pluto can suggest cruelty. If one has the Abuser Asteroid prominent, one may be evil, as we term it. If one has one of these latter aspects, prominently, and on the ends of the Bell, one may be termed abnormal, out of step with the majority, in a way that sets one apart. Yes, I think the chart can show this. Would that mean that some people are born without a chance? NEVER. That is where God comes in. The New Birth makes all things new. That is why it is called Born Again.It is a true Born Again experience. It is a spiritual experience, but it is more real than the chair on which you sit, as you read these words. No man is consigned to be evil, without a chance to be Washed New.


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