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Real Life Astrology Using House Rulers——Is He a Player?

For the people who are kind enough to frequent my site and especially those who study the boring subject of House Rulers, I want to give you something for all your efforts.One does not come to an Astrology Website if one does not want to know how to apply Astrology in real life. I am going to take material from all my articles and from the House Rulers Series and apply them to real life issues.

A frequently asked question to an Astrologer would be “Is he a Player?”. Lets start from the beginning and talk about what we would see. First of all, I would look to see if he is a player, in general.Then, how ingrained is it. The first step would be to look at the 5th House( the House of Fun and Flings). A Player will usually have a full 5th House. In the rare cases when he does not, he has compensating factors, which we will discuss. However, the compensating factors do not make him a “real Player”, in my opinion. They may make him play, because he is good at it and it is fun. However, he is not a player, in his heart. I will explain all this, later.

Back to the 5th House. A true Player will have a full 5th House. I will use House Rulers to show you WHICH House Rulers PLACED in the 5th House will show a Player.You want to sit back and look at the forest, for a minute, here. The forest is the nature of each House. Think about which Houses a Player might reject in order to be a playboy. Think of which spheres of life he may subsume to romance. If you think logically, you will come up with certain Houses . First off, the 10th House is the House of Career and Social Reputation. It is a serious house as it is ruled by Capricorn, which is a serious sign. Capricorn is the sign which will work very hard to climb the career ladder. He majors in self discipline and deferred gratification. This House is usually “compromised” in the chart of a Player, as the Player, by nature, wants fun over sacrifice. So, the Ruler of the 10th House will, usually, be in the 5th House.

Next, think about other spheres of life which a Player may subsume to fun. The 9th House comes to mind. This is the House of the intellect, religion, higher education and philosophy. The Player usually does not have enough deferred gratification skills to be very 9th House heavy, so we find the Ruler of the 9th House, in the 5th house, often, in the charts of Players.Now, I think you are understanding more about House Rulers, as it is very logical. The next House Ruler which is, often, in the 5th House of Players, is the 8th House. The 8th House is the House of soul mates. To be a soul mate, one must be devoted to the other to the degree that there is profound intimacy. The intimacy is what defines soul mates, in my opinion. The Player is going for lack of intimacy, whether he realizes it or not. Hence, the Ruler of the 8th House is, very often, if not always, in the 5th House, in a Players Chart.Of course, we cannot forget about the 7th House, which rules committed, devoted and faithful partnerships. The Ruler of the 7th House is, very often, residing in the 5th House, in a players chart.The previous examples seem classic for a Players chart. However, other House Rulers are, often, seen in the prototypical Players Chart, as well. The Player may squelch his natural desire for spirituality and put that energy in to flings. This would be seen by the Ruler of the 12th in the 5th House. He may squelch his desire to be a member of a group. This would be the Ruler of the 11th House, in the 5th House.

Other interesting Player aspects would be Ruler of the 7th House in the 1st House. Remember that the 1st House is the House of Image. The player, often, wants a beautiful woman on his arm, to enhance his image. When the Ruler of the 7th travels to the 1st House and resides within, we have a case where the native wants to USE his partner for his image. In this case, we are talking about a committed relationship, as the 7th House is such. However, if said Player has some committed relationships, along the way, that is not unusual. In these relationships, he seeks to enhance his status with his choice of women.Another player aspect is Ruler of the 5th in the 1st. This aspect shows a person who USES his ability to be fun and romantic, in order to enhance his image. This is a classic “Love em and leave em” aspect. I think I have exhausted House Rulers in the Players Chart. Next I will go on to planets and asteroids, in a Players chart.



2 thoughts on “Real Life Astrology Using House Rulers——Is He a Player?

  1. amiannKatie

    wow… I wasn’t even looking for players lol.. I was actually looking for NN aspects in synastry when I came upon this, I’ve been perusing your site 🙂
    I have almost every house ruler combo you mentioned! Lol

    Ruler of 10th, 8th, and 7th in my 5th house. In Sag no less. I’m not a player, but I will say it’s by choice. I feel I could easily fall into that category if I allowed myself to. The beauty of freewill 🙂

    I also think Saturn in my 5th lends a little more stability to my relationships. If it weren’t there I can’t even imagine what I’d be like. “Insatiable” comes to mind..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Katie and Welcome 😀
      Yes, Saturn in the 5th is probably what makes the difference as that would be a planet for powerful maturity and responsibility in the house of a player lol

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