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Saturn—a Friend or Foe?

People tend to look at Saturn as an enemy. We shirk when we see Saturn touching critical places in the chart. However, I can see, in one chart I am doing, how Saturn saved the person’s life. Saturn is the most earth bound planet, one could say. By earthbound, I mean having to live by the restrictions and limitations of the earth, with no way out but to climb the hill step by step, or fingernail by fingernail. As such, in certain charts, Saturn kept the person from going insane, literally. It kept the person grounded while her home environment was falling down around her. Neptune is the planet of mental illness, creativity, spirituality and mysticism. If Neptune goes awry, such as when one has a mentally ill parent, Saturn is the best planet to have in one’s chart. As with all things, balance is needed, too strong a Saturn can produce a dour and gloomy person who cannot see BEYOND hard work and struggle. The single hardest placement, I think, is Saturn conjunct the Sun. These people seem to have an inferiority complex which no amount of achievement seems to mitigate. However, Saturn in small doses can be a life saver.

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