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Saturn In the Astrological Chart

Saturn shows where you will have hardship and restriction. This could be called the “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” planet. The house in which it is placed will show the area in life which will be very hard for you. You will have to take all your discipline and fortitude with which to overcome the parts of life which the house rules. Each house rules a sphere of life, such that all parts of life are shown.

Knowing Saturn’s house in your chart, helps tremendously in knowing where to focus your energies, in order to climb to the top of your particular mountains. We, all, have our unique mountains to climb i.e. challenges, as we all have a Saturn.The good news with Saturn is that he WILL reward you for your efforts, if you persevere. He is a strict father, but not a mean one. There is a difference.

I have dealt with Saturn in the houses, only. The sign is a factor, too, but the houses seem more important when using Saturn to get direction in your life, in my opinion.

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