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Saturn in the First House

Each planet has an energy. All life, every single substance, is made up of energy, even a rock. Each planet has a specific energy. With Saturn, it is restriction. Saturn is like a stern father. He makes you work for every penny. At the end, you may have a substantial allowance, but you will have broken your back for it,or close to it. With this in mind, I will try to apply Saturn to the first house. The first house is our exterior self, the mask we wear in to the world. However, it is a mask which is glued on. It is not a “fake” self. It is our outer self, the self one would meet if one saw us on a job interview. It is our cocktail party self. It is not our deep friend or lover self. With this in mind, Saturn in the first house may make us appear serious and overly responsible. Actually, we ARE serious about life. We are serious about our responsibilities. If you ask this Saturn to do a task, he will. He will work at it until it is done, and done well.If not, he will feel guilty. This Saturn has a lot of guilt. He wants to be perfect, not to impress others, as much as to feel as if he is acceptable, finally. It is an inferiority complex Saturn.It must struggle, mightily, to gain an ounce of confidence, which comes so easily to others, such as someone with Jupiter or the Sun in the first house.

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