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Saturn and Self Doubt

If one is discussing self doubt, look to Saturn, first off. Retro Saturn is harder than direct Saturn. A Retro Planet is a planet turned inward. It is different than a 12th house planet, which is a planet turned to the next dimension of mysticism,spirituality and creativity. A Retro planet goes in a loop, in a kind of obsessive way. A Retro planet must go deeper and deeper into itself until it really understands the nature of the planet. Then, it has a depth in the area of the planet. Then, it can “do” the planet . Saturn Retro is one of the harder Retro planets, although Venus is the hardest, in my opinion. Retro Saturn gives the native a deep seated and persistent insecurity. The nature of Saturn involves an inner brooding, anyway. Retro Saturn exacerbates this. Retro Saturn makes for a great deal of self doubt. The self doubt would be manifested WHERE Saturn is located. If Saturn is conjunct the ASC,one feels insecure about one’s place in the world; ones identity in the world. This differs from Saturn conjunct the Sun which would go deeper as the Sun is a more personal place than the ASC. Saturn conjunct the Sun may be the hardest Saturn placement. If Saturn conjuncts the moon, one doubts one’s emotions. Making connections with others is hard. Saturn conjunct Venus may make one doubt his ability to love and be loved. Saturn conjunct Mars may make one doubt one’s ability to meet one’s goals To elaborate on this. Saturn can make the house and sign difficult, as well. I did an article on Saturn in the houses and one on Saturn in the signs. I find Saturn makes people insecure by house and by sign, as well.

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