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Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto conjunct the MC

Scorpio Ascendant is a seeker, has the sensitivity of radar and will knife you if you betray him. He is a complex soul. If Pluto, Scorpio’s co -ruler, is conjunct the MC, you have a Scorpio soul in touch with the world. This native may not show his Scorpio side until he interacts with the world. The MC is the world, one could say. Pluto conjunct the MC is a strong face to wear to the world. The native may not look powerful or even act powerful, but there will, always, be a quiet power. The native will know what you are thinking and feeling, as if by osmosis. It is the nature of Pluto. In his work, he will be detective -like. He will get to the bottom of subjects, as he swims to the bottom. Anyone can see the surface, he reasons. It takes a special person to see to the bottom. It takes an even more special person to go there, without fear. This native was made to get to the root of things. He may be a detective,a surgeon or a shrink. If you need someone to push away the fluff and help you touch what is real, check out his chart. This native will take you on a trip to the bottom, if you have the courage to go, that is.



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