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“Semi” Unaspected Planets

Astrology is a living science. It allows one to put forth theories based on doing charts. This is how I see it, anyway. In that light, I would like to talk about planets which are almost unaspected. They may have one or two aspects. If it is one aspect, it may be a close orb.If it is two, they may be wider orbs. Of course, this is not a doctrine, just what I see by doing charts. An unaspected planet is a distinct animal, such as a zebra. It has certain defining traits. The semi unaspected planet is like a mini version of it. It has the same traits, but in less intense form. The unaspected moon is a stark placement. You will see if you read my article. The native is very, very sensitive to life, in a Micheal Jackson fashion. Obviously, this is very painful to the person. A semi unaspected moon would have the same traits, but the intensity would be dialed down a notch. The same could be said for the semi unaspected Venus. The native may not have to dig up his Venus with the intensity of the true unaspected Venus. However, the process would mirror the unaspected Venus’ journey with similar results. The native with semi unaspected planet would look very much like the native with the truly unaspected planet. By outward appearances,there is little difference. This has been my experience, to date.

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