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Sense of Humor in the Natal Chart

girl rainbowI am always on the lookout for chart correlations. I have come up with some  that  I will put forward for your consideration. I came up with these ideas upon sharing my favorite comedian with friends. He is Sascha Baron Cohen. You may know him as Ali G, Bruno or Borat. When I was introduced to him from my Cancer Sun, Gemini Venus and Virgo Moon Aunt, I was enchanted. I fell in love and have been in love ever since.

In my enthusiasm, I wanted to share him with friends. To my great surprise,  some people did not crack a smile. Some people looked at it as if I was perverted. That was not too comfortable but I always look for the astrological reasons behind all things. That is the basis for this article. I will share my insights. Jump in with your own. You know I love them.

I think that one’s Venus sign shows one’s sense of humor. One’s Venus sign shows what one love and what one appreciates. Humor is an art form, similar to any other art form such as music. Each person has very unique likes and dislikes when it comes to art. I cannot comment on every Venus because I have not had experience with every Venus, in terms of  humor. I will comment on the ones I know.

Gemini Venus

Gemini Venus has a raw sense of humor. He likes practical jokes. He likes subtle. crazy twists on words. Most especially, he has the humor of a child. Think about what children laugh about. Gemini Venus will be right there in the middle of the circle, roaring.

Cancer Venus

Cancer Venus has an odd sense of humor, to me. One, always, sees out of one’s own lens. Cancer Venus seems to laugh at inane things, in terms of not subtle intellectual humor. Perhaps, I could describe it as simple slapstick

Leo Venus

Leo Venus seems to have a raw sense of humor, in the manner of Gemini Venus

Virgo Venus

Stop, Drop and Roll when it comes to this Venus. It does not like raw humor. It can see the places in which social niceties don’t make sense and can laugh at these. Nix the bathroom humor and off color humor. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Libra Venus

Libra Venus is the same as Virgo Venus. Stay high in the intellectual stratosphere and your Libra Venus will like you. If not, he will be looking with scorn while you roll on the floor.

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venus has a raw sense of humor in the manner of Gemini and Leo

Sagittarius Venus

This Venus has a raw sense of humor in the manner of Gemini, Leo and Scorpio.

Aquarius Venus

I have seen a mixed bag with this one, so cannot comment.

Pisces Venus

This seems to be a fun, romantic, flirty kind of Venus. He seems to like plays on words like the Gemini Venus.




5 thoughts on “Sense of Humor in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannkristie

    I have Venus in Taurus, but I can’t really say what my sense of humor is like. It’s nerdy, a little dry. I laugh all the time. I love witty people, but I’m a Gemini. I have a good sense of humor.

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