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Should Christians Be Wimps?

You are saying “Whaaa?” Well, many Christians are so sick-y sweet. I can’t stand it myself. Jesus was a Man of Truth. If you read the account of the woman at the well, Jesus did not vacillate so as not to hurt her feelings. Truth is love. I am in this dilemma when I do charts. I love you if I tell you the truth.I hate you if I am afraid to tell you the truth.Lies make people sick. The sickest person is the one whose life is a layering of lies. My quest is for truth. This is my highest value after my commitment to God. It seems that Astrology has fallen prey to political correctness, as has most things. Do not come to me for any reading if you do not want absolute truth as I see it. I may be wrong. I may err but I will not lie. I will not soft pedal for the sake of someone’s feelings. I give truth with love but I will give truth.I think a Christian should be the person with the most integrity, not the least. The Christian should be the straightest shooter, not the most crooked.

I had psychic gifts as a child. I could know what people were thinking. I accepted it as a matter of course until I was in my early teens. Then, I became afraid of my psychic ability.I shut it down except for rare instances when I had to call on it. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to be able to deal with what you see when you are psychic. I am a rather sensitive soul and it is hard to put the two together. However, that is my journey on earth. We all have unique journeys. All are for God’s Glory and His Purpose, in my opinion. However, I did shut down my psychic gifts until recently. Now, I can handle that God has allowed me access to the next dimension.It is not scary at all now. It is very very natural. In fact, it is the joy of my life. I am honored to go in to the next dimension and touch God for another person. We form a beautiful bond. Again, I will always tell you the truth.People tell me it is like talking to an old friend. I have a zany sense of humor but it is all done with love. To me, my psychic gift, my Christianity and my passion for truth are all one. They are my ways to serve God.

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