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Sociopaths and the Astrological Chart

The topic of sociopaths and the Astrological chart interests me. The dilemma of nature vs nurture in the development of a sociopath interests most people. . I think about these kinds of things a lot while I do charts. I think about them with respect to my own chart. Today, I would like to talk about the charts of sociopaths. I have some earlier articles and some things may overlap but as I do more charts, I get more insights. I will coalesce all I have written, to date, here.

With any Personality Disorder, one would start with the Moon. The Moon is the most interior planet and represents one’s heart. The tenderness of one’s heart could be said to be one’s empathy. I don’t think one could become a sociopath with my Moon, for example. I am a Cancer Moon and it is not stressed. It makes a 9 degree conjunction with Cancer Mars and a 7 degree trine with Saturn. The worst thing would be the conjunction with Mars. That makes me fly off the handle when someone hurts someone I love. I do fly off the handle in these kinds of situations but the 9 degrees makes it something I can control( most of the time) Moon trine Saturn makes the Moon stable. It makes my emotions grounded. I am very thankful for this. I bring myself up for an example of a chart that I don’t think could become a sociopath. I could become depressed, anxious and neurotic( don’t ask) but I don’t think I could lack empathy.

Let’s look at some other Moons. Scorpio Moon could become a sociopath for the pure fact that it is the most intense Moon. It acts like a pressure cooker. Scorpio Moon is in the Fall. Any planet in the Fall or Detriment can go to the dark side of that planet. Scorpio Moon is called the “Monster in the Closet” Moon. I think of Scorpio moon fretting when his lover goes to the 7-11 to buy milk. He thinks she will have an secret affair with the clerk. One factor in Scorpio Moon’s favor in terms of not being a sociopath is that it is a water moon. Water FEELS. Scorpio moon may be intense and possessive, but it can FEEL. Hence, it’s place in the chart of a sociopath has to be left up in the air. It is not a cold moon such as Libra and Aquarius. A cold moon would be more likely to be a sociopath but I leave the Scorpio Moon here for your consideration in the matter, while I go onto the other Moons.

Libra and Aquarius Moons are cold moons. They are Air Moons. Air thinks. The Moon should feel. Herein lies the dilemma. I have been surprised at the lack of empathy with Libra Moons. I expect people to be as I am. I think we all do. I am surprised when a Libra moon feels no more loyalty to a friend than one would a casual relationship. However, one must deal with reality when doing charts and we all have good and bad placements. The key is to understand the person who is being represented by the chart, not to judge unless to allow him into your life. Then, judgement is desired, but we are better off calling it discernment.Will all Libra Moons do you dirty? NO Will all Libra Moons eschew normal, human loyalty? NO However, are they naturally loyal? No.

On to Aquarius Moon. This is another cold moon because it is an air moon. This moon is detached. The detachment could make for it not bonding well. If a person does not bond well, could they be trusted? I don’t know. Does Aquarius Moon have a lack in bonding? I think so.

The Moons I would not expect to be a sociopath would be Taurus and Cancer. I discussed the Cancer moon in my chart. Cancer Moon is known for it’s empathy. Cancer Moon is in it’s Domicile. Taurus Moon is known for it’s kindness and warm heart. It if full of affection. It does not like to hurt people’s feelings. I know quite a few Taurus Moon people and they seem to be alike in their kind hearts.

Any Moon sign can be overcome by bad aspects, I think. Hence, we need to look a bit at aspects before we leave the subject of the Moon.

Aspects seem to over ride signs. This surprises me but the charts are always my teachers. Think of it this way. You have a beautiful BMW. It looks slick. You look slick sitting in it’s front seat. The BMW is the sign. However, inside, the engine got sugared. Some enemy wanted to pay you back for who knows what. Everything is great until you turn on the engine. Then, that BMW won’t go. That is the aspects. They are the engine of the car. They allow you to drive. Your beautiful BMW is worth little if the engine won’t work.

Lets look at some Moon aspects to illustrate this point. We will take the Cancer Moon because it is the best moon. It is tender and empathetic. However, lets put it in the 12th house. Then, it would be afraid to show it’s tender feelings. It may be afraid to stand up. It may feel that the only way it can get it’s needs met is to be passive aggressive. It may go into a depression because all people need to express their feelings or they will get depressed, in my opinion.

Let’s add to this and say that the Cancer Moon squares Libra Sun. The Libra Sun is indecisive. Now, we have the person warring( which is the square) between his ego and his heart. We hmay have a person who is stuck and frozen in park. Lets add Houses. Lets’ say the Libra Sun is in the 9th house and the Cancer Moon is in the 12th. The 9th house Libra Sun wants to find God. That is the meaning of the 9th house. The 12th house moon is afraid to be rejected. This person may feel like God rejects him. He may go into a worse depression.Hence, the wonderful Cancer Moon in it’s Domicile is like the beautiful BMW with the sugared engine.

Our next foray will be into Jupiter. Jupiter is an overlooked planet. It is thought of as a beneficent but not much more. It is one’s conscience. Conscience is very important. I learned this lesson from a person who had every planet except the Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter. Hard aspect is squares and oppositions. This person had no conscience. I learned about the charts the hard way, as we often do. His Jupiter was exalted by sign but ruined by aspect. I hate to be so blunt but I craved this kind of honesty when I was learning Astrology. One person gave it to me, Tameem Saaid. He is my role model when doing Astrology.

Jupiter is in it’s Domicile in Sagittarius.It is exalted in Pisces. This makes sense as Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac. At any rate, other than in it’s home of Sagittarius, Jupiter is best in water signs. These would be Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. That is because one needs to feel to have conscience. People may say this is not true and one can think one’s way to conscience. I don’t agree. One may think one’s way to a code of behavior but that is not conscience. Conscience is felt, in my opinion. Hence, if one’s conscience is blunted, that would indeed be an aspect in the chart of a sociopath. I will go so far as to say that you could not be a sociopath without a blunted conscience.

So, to summarize,the chart of a sociopath must have a troubled Moon and a trouble Jupiter. That is my opinion from the charts I have done. Any comments are welcomed. Yea or Nay?




19 thoughts on “Sociopaths and the Astrological Chart

  1. amiannBlackbird

    How about Moon in Gemini?

    What about hard aspects to the moon? Moon square Venus? Moon square Mars? Moon opposite Jupiter?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I did not put Gemini moon in there because they don’t seem to hang onto grudges for long or have the intensity needed to be a sociopath imho

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Moon sq Mars does not like woman. Moon oppose to Jupiter may make too big plans and then give up and go back and forth. It is kind of an extravagance kind of aspect imo

  2. amiannJesse

    Heya Ami,

    I have a Libra Moon, and a Jupiter/Mars=Neptune Yod, as well as a (Neptune and Saturn)/Pluto=Mars Yod (Jupiter in Leo and 8th, conjunct Vertex and South Node/Ketu, Neptune in Capricorn and 1st, Mars in Gemini and 6th). I’ve always been interested in the darkness in my chart, I guess to understand myself better. I’ve got some insights I can contribute to your search into darker charts. I can honestly say that I am not malicious without provocation, but if provoked I can be a very unpleasant person. I am vengeful and calculating, and when I take revenge, I aim for long-term damage. My temper is very well controlled, so I’m difficult to provoke, which is a good thing.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Jesse
      Sure I would love help on my research as most of it is picking people’s brains 😀
      Do you want to post your chart in my personal readings forum. It helps to look at the actual wheel.

  3. amiannBoswellia

    Hi Ami,

    I have a Scorpio Moon H10 w/ a Libra Sun H9, Stellium in H8, also planet in H12. I can at times, disconnect from the emotions revolving around something. Usually, when I feel over-loaded or anger from being hurt, just can’t take any more. Feels like I close my heart & move into my mind. (Which is painful for me, in the long run. I usually feel guilty & ugly and I self-reflect on how can I be so cold….?? ) My journey has been over-atunement w/ others and learning to move more into my own energy. (Think this may be linked to NN in Aries) I tend to be clear on what is mine & what is someone elses for the most part. And I fit into the category of an Empath & someone with High Sense Perception, but I can feel disconnected from these, but mainly the empathic component, when my heart feels closed. The lack of empathy at certain times has really concerned me…… am I like my mother deep down. (My mother has no attunement to others, due to her upbringing. I was aware as a child that there was something not quite right with my mom. And I was clear that I did not want to be like her! Things she would say and do, I experienced as painful, even when it wasn’t directed at me & I just didn’t undersand why. She has a Triple Conj. Sun, Moon, Mercury in Scorpio…. talk about intense.) My main focus now it on learning to live with my heart open. As I do this, I am amazed at how deeply I feel, not only within myself and about myself, but also about everything/everyone outside of myself. I have cried more this year than I have cried my entire life… healing……. I am curious on your perspective on this…. lack of empathy, closed heart, mental illness/sociopath……??

    Thank You.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Could you ask me this on the Forum. It is such a complex question that the Forum format is easier for me to break it down. Start a new thread, if you want

  4. amiannBoswellia

    Hi Ami,

    Looking at some of your other articles along this same line, questions coming up:

    What is your perspective on how Elatus Conj. Psyche would effect an individual?

    Elatus & Psyche Square Sun?

    Elatus & Psyche Square Nessus?

    Ixion Opp. Sedna?

    Same individual has Nessus Conj. Sun, but no squares to Sun-Gemini/Moon-Aquarius, looks like a 45 degree between the Sun & Venus-Cancer, looks like a Square w/ a curved slash in the bottom of it, on the grid, for the Moon & Mercury-Gemini.
    Hard hits on Mercury though, squares to Uranus-Virgo & Pluto-Virgo. (Would you take into account squares to chiron or NN?)

    Individual seems to have a genuine desire to be a virtuous man. He becomes childlike and joyful when interacting with children, from what I have seen. He works with children as a Social Worker. Is it possible, he has sought healing for himself…. through his awarenes of these darker aspects within himself….??

    Thank You.

  5. amiannDale Huckeby

    It seems to me you’re reasoning out what you think ought to be true according to what you think various Moon placements “mean”, as astrologers typically do, rather than doing actual research. Why do you assume that Moon sign positions have anything to do with it? Do you have evidence, for instance a sufficiently large selection of charts of people diagnosed as psychopaths by some recognized criteria such as Robert D. Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist, Revised (PCL-R)? In the absence of some sort of statistical or quasi-statistical demonstration of chart common denominators, best done without assuming in advance what those common denominators ought to be, you can’t credibly claim that astrology is even capable of shedding light on this condition. The claim that “With any Personality Disorder, one would start with the Moon” is itself made without any recourse to evidence. Because the Moon means such and such is merely an opinion, and in the absence of evidence carries no weight even if 99.99% of the astrological community agrees with it. For some ideas on how to meaningfully do astrological research and in the process separate fact from fancy. I personally feel that a true astrology is both less and more than what the vast majority of its adherents imagine it to be.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Dale. I am a humble student of Astrology and a Masters level counselor. I am a humble student of life. I take all this and write my articles. Are they perfect? No. Are they helpful to some people? I hear that they are, Friend.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    The Cancer moon observation is “tricky.”
    Casey Anthony, you’ll recall had the moon in Cancer in her 11th house, and she wasn’t
    much of a mother!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, Lon. That is a good point. What else was going on with her moon, though. I don’t think the 11th house would be enough to do it. Have you ever seen which asteroids conjunct her Moon, Lon? I wonder if it is Dejanira?

      1. amiannLuke

        Moon conjunct ascendant, Moon trine Mercury, Moon quincux Mars, Moon quincux Sun, Moon square Jupiter, and Moon trine Saturn :). What do you think :)?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          These are lovely. They show a warm heart. You may struggle to balance our head and your heart and your heart and your drives but you will prevail, if you stick with it!

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