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Some Musings on Planets Conjunct the MC

As I do more charts, I come to understand them more deeply.It is a life long study but if one has a passion for it, one cannot help oneself. It has the feeling of touching the heartbeat of life. I am thinking of several charts.One is a Pisces ASC with Neptune conjunct the MC. This man brings spirituality to people in an off beat setting. The typical settings in which people seek spirituality such as the churches are, often, the last place you will find it.If you have to put on your best clothes and your Sunday smiles, you know there will be little spirituality there. If you have to smile when you want to scream, you know there is little spirituality there. The first step to true spirituality is honestly. Without honesty, you have an exercise in futility. As such,one needs to look for spirituality in off beat places and with off beat people, perhaps. At any rate, Neptune conjunct the MC will show spirituality to the world. What is spirituality,exactly? It is everything connected with the next dimension. If you have a question which cannot be answered through your five senses, it is in Neptune’s domain.


Another chart is a woman with the Moon conjunct the MC. Someone said to her,”WHY do you wear your heart on your sleeve. It is unseemly” She has her heart on her sleeve as surely as the nose on her face. When one discovers ones MC planet, one is wed to it as surely as a life long partner. One will live out it’s destiny because the planet will play out as sure as breathing. The best the native can do is accept it. The person with a planet conjunct the MC will wear the face of this planet to the world. People may associate this person with this planet. Usually, the person will be both loved and hated for the planets influence. The person will not be a neutral force. If a person has a planet conjunct the ASC, it does not seem to be as far reaching. This person may not be known for this planet. He may manifest it. However, it is not his destiny, as is the MC.

Another man has Chiron conj the Moon which conjuncts the MC. This is as painful as it sounds. This man is destined to show his heart to the world by virtue of Moon conjunct the MC. However, we have a multi- layered situation here as Chiron conjuncts both the Moon and the MC. Chiron conjunct the Moon is great pain with the mother. This man had a mother who was bedridden and a double amputee. He had to act as a full time nurse, as his youth slipped away. On top of that, his pain was there for all to see as is the case with Chiron is conjunct the MC. This proved to be the case. I will not go into the details of how as I want to maintain his privacy.

The last man has Pluto conjunct the MC. Pluto can be a wild card as it is very powerful. If you have a prominent Pluto, you will be a presence. That is a given. However, you can use your power to tear people down, rather than build them up. In one man’s chart, I have seen Pluto used for the primary purpose of ripping people apart. Pluto has turned to sarcasm and paltry things. Hence, this person may as well not have the placement, as it’s power has been perverted. However, Astrology is the science of possibilities, not probabilities. One must take the former and turn it into the latter.

7 thoughts on “Some Musings on Planets Conjunct the MC

  1. amiannjenny

    Mercury conjunct my MC is the tightest aspect in my chart….do I exhibit Gemini / mercurial traits? I believe so… Carefree..curious…poet…love great conversation, a teacher , a lifelong student, a social butterfly… Will talk a lot if I’m comfortable…frequent ADD moments…also a lot of my 1st house is in gemini since Taurus starts my asc at 27 degrees
    I like ami how you differentiated between planets conjunct the asc versus the mc…I always wondered that…
    Great article!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes. Jenny, you would show Gemini traits to the world. I was just talking about the MC with a client who has Uranus conjunct the MC. We are fated to show our MC planets to the world. We have little choice.I have Moon conjunct the MC. Some people bemoan that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I can’t help it as I was made to show the moon to the world. You were made to show Mercury to the world. I have a friend who is a Shakespearean actor. He has Mercury conj the MC, too. He was made to share his mind with the world. The MC must come to pass lol

  2. amiannnick

    Neptune conjunct midheaven 1 degree. I wear Neptune and the whole world see`s it. I love the metaphysical , arts, music The whole world knows it. My reputation is like light under water, bending and retracting .MY drive in life is toward the spiritual, arts , otherworldly etc etc

  3. amiannlidia

    Ami would an asteroid called Zavist number 7440 (it means envy) conjunct the MC indicate a person being on the receiving end of people being envious of this person or would this person be known for this quality?

    lookin forward to hearing your opinion

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