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Someone’s Planet Touches Your Ascendant ———– Pardon Me, Madam

The Ascendant is one of the 4 angles. The Angles are very personal points in one’s chart. If someone’s planet touches one’s ASC, one will take notice. If a man’s Mars touches a womans ASC, she will be attracted to him. If a man’s Moon touches her ASC, she will feel as if she has known him for a lifetime. If his Uranus touches her ASC, he will shake her up. If his Pluto touches her ASC, he will evoke primal feelings, in her.If Saturn, she will feel restricted, as if a parent is holding a stick over her head. If Venus, she will feel he is very beautiful. If Neptune, he may not be able to see HER clearly. He may have an idealized picture of her . If the Sun, he may give her confidence. If Mercury, they may have a unusual meeting of the minds.

4 thoughts on “Someone’s Planet Touches Your Ascendant ———– Pardon Me, Madam

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Ela An asteroid totally counts! He brings his loyalty and devotion to you. It does not get much better than this for an asteroid touching the ASC!

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