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Soulmate Asteroids—– Eros and Psyche

A person with Eros prominent place in his natal chart will attract people to him, effortlessly. He will KNOW he is charismatic. When someone’s Eros touches a prominent place in your chart, that person becomes irresistible to you.

Eros is paired with the Asteroid Psyche. Psyche is to the soul what Eros is to the body. Psyche is a soul connection, in the same way that Eros is a body connection . The person feels like a soul mate . When a couple has both of these asteroids touching important parts of the chart, the body and soul connection will be very powerful. If one was doing a synastry chart to see if two people were soul mates, these Asteroids would be crucial. I will write more on soul mate aspects in other entries.

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