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Soulmate Asteroids: Eros and Psyche

A person with Eros prominent place in his natal chart will attract people to him, effortlessly. He will KNOW he is charismatic. When someone’s Eros touches a prominent place in another person’s chart, the Eros person becomes irresistible. There is a deep attraction .

Eros is paired with the Asteroid Psyche. Psyche is to the soul what Eros is to the body. Psyche is a soul connection, in the same way that Eros is a body connection . The person will feel like a soul mate . When a couple has both of these asteroids touching important parts of the chart, there will be a body and soul connection which will be very powerful. If one was doing a synastry chart to see if two people were soul mates, these Asteroids would be crucial. I will write more on soul mate aspects in other entries.

One thought on “Soulmate Asteroids: Eros and Psyche

  1. Amiglittergirl

    My guy friends Eros in pisces is conjunct my Eros, sun and ascendant. His Psyche is in scorpio which would also make a trine. Would you say this aspect looks good if we were to get together?

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