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Squares in the Natal Chart

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I do not believe squares can be changed. I believe they can be worked around. Let’s say a woman has a big nose. Princess Diana had a big nose. She did not have a nose job, as many women do. She worked around her nose and was a beautiful woman. Was she perfect? No.

I see a square like this. One can strive for perfection. However, one will never get it. To go back to beauty. Beyonce started beautiful in an ethnic way. Now, she has altered her ethnic features and looks like a carbon copy of many people. She is not as attractive as she was when she was more unique.

Lets get back to the square. The square will not work. I say it straight. One will feel a block in both sides of the square. One will have to get used to it, rather than keep trying to change something which won’t change. Acceptance is a peace, unto itself.

Let’s look at Lesley’s square. She has a Cancer Sun square a Libra Moon. Lets’ take it apart. We have to look at both planet and sign. We have a Cancer Sun square a Libra Moon.Sun square the Moon connotes a lot of things. Our Sun is our Ego. It is our identity. People see our Sun at our jobs. People see our Sun in our daily life when they get deeper than the surface but not deep enough into the heart. The heart is the Moon. We see the Suns of people we know as casual friends. We see the Moons of people we know as intimate friends and lovers.

A square between the Sun and Moon tells us that the person can’t flow well between his ego and his heart. The square makes for a separate compartment for each side. For example, the person will have one side for work and casual friends one side for intimacy and deep friends, but these are hard to blend. We could say that the person has a split personality, to put it very literally. The person cannot access his emotions in his daily life. He may be in his ego side. He may be in his emotional side but he can’t blend the two. This would make for a great deal of struggle, deep struggle. I hope I have expressed that well.

As to Sign, the square are between the same quadriplicities. These are the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A cardinal Sun does not work well with a Cardinal Moon. Perhaps, both want to be the leader and there is a feeling of being stuck and being too domineering, perhaps.

The Cardinal signs can be leaders but the down side is that they can be too domineering. Each quadriplicity has a positive and negative side. For the Fixed, they can stick to a goal and have a kind of stability but they can be too stubborn. For the mutables, they can be easy going and adaptable but not strong enough.

I hope I explained that well. Ask any questions!














13 thoughts on “Squares in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannLesley

    Yes, Ami,
    Thank You very much. That was spot on. The square is lot of internal conflict. I am different in public situations than I am when people get to know me. The only thing is I appear more Libra like socially and at work and my insecure, Cancerian moodiness comes out as people get to know me. Can it work in reverse? Either way it’s inner conflict.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Another great song by Huey Lewis And The News: “If This Is It.” There’s lots of subtle
    meanings in that song. It should be analysed carefully.
    By the way Casey Anthony has Uranus/Mars in the 5th, square Sun/Mercury in the 8th.
    You would say that NOTHING could be done for her? Could she be loyal to one man?

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I hope nothing “strange” is a foot here. I meant no offense with the “probing” questions.
    With Mars in Aquarius in the 7th. People often misread my intentions.
    People don’t see the world as it is. They see the world as THEY are.

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