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STOP, DROP and ROLL– Neptune in Synastry

jack-vettriano-the-temptressYou know the guy your girlfriends told you about. They said he was bad. You said that they just didn’t understand. I am writing this article to you: those gals( and guys) who found the prince but he tuned into a frog When the frog bit them, they sustained a serious wound. They still don’t know what happened. Have no fear. Ami is here.

First of all, you have to know what you are dealing with with Neptune. Neptune is as beautiful as the most delicious poetry and music that melts your soul. Neptune can take you into the spheres. However, Neptune can make you think that the frog is the prince. When you wake up, you may have lost all you have, including your dignity and even your life. If you have not lost your life, you may be wishing for death. Hang in there with me. We are going to learn how you can avoid this mess, if you listen. However, you probably won’t. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

When there is a fire, they tell you to stop, drop and roll. I am doing the same thing, so lets start. That which Neptune touches, it will fog. If is touches your emotions, it will fog those. This would be Neptune/Moon. If it touches your ego, it will fog that. This would be Neptune/Sun. If it touches your love nature, it will fog that. This would be Neptune/Venus. Let’s make this practical and apply it to synastry.

If you think you have met the man of your dreams, hurry to the charts. If his Neptune opposes your Venus, hang onto your hat and trust me. You don’t see him as he is. One day you will. When that day comes, the scales will come off your eyes.Then, you will be in a state of shock, as if you sustained a car accident. You will be numb. You will feel duped, used and stupid. Everyone gets one free ride on the Neptune mobile. Make it count and don’t do it again. Everyone is a Neptune virgin once.

Let’s dissect what happened. Neptune shrouds what it touches in an ethereal beauty. If you feel that your beloved is as beautiful as an original Picasso, you know that Neptune has bitten you. However, when Neptune’s fog lifts, you will return to your right mind. Then, you will see things as they are. At that point, you will have developed a profound respect for Neptune. He doesn’t play around when it comes to beauty, even if it is just a dream. Neptune rules dreams, too.

Lets see other ways in which Neptune can play out in synastry. His Neptune may touch your Moon. You may doubt what you feel. His Neptune may touch your Sun. You may doubt your own thoughts. Your self confidence may take a nose dive. However, Neptune takes you to the heavens up before it lets you fall. If his Neptune touches your Sun, initially you will feel big and bad and full of confidence. If his Neptune touches your Moon, initially you will feel a warm glow to your emotions. However, you will, most likely,take the inevitable fall, so be prepared. If his Neptune conjuncts your ASC. You cannot see him for who he is, in general. Know that you can’t trust yourself. Ask others. It is good to do this, on a regular basis, when there is a strong Neptune in synastry. No man is an island and this applies more so when one cannot see beyond the ethereal fog which is Neptune’s stock in trade.



17 thoughts on “STOP, DROP and ROLL– Neptune in Synastry

  1. amiannmarion

    Omg Ami, my Neptune is conjunct my Moon by less than 3 degrees in my 7th house in Scorpio!.
    Are my emtions fogged intensely? Because of this conjunction, anything in synastry that touches my 7th house and Moon also touches my Neptune. (Additionaly my Dejanira is exactly trine my Neptune)

    Is that why i keep dating ‘totally wrong’ people who end up leaving me drained, hurt or shocked?

    But at the same time, my neptune recieves an exact sextile from my 5th house Mars-Pluto conjunction. Does that help? How can get Mars-Pluto to help here?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I was talking about synastry, Marion but it can be the same for the natal. Neptune fogs what it touches. It will fog your emotions and make it hard for you to see them clearly. I would need you to put the chart up in my Forum and ask me the questions because there are about 4-5 questions lol
      Start a new thread with your chart and copy and paste these questions on it, so we have them, Marion dear.

  2. amiannDiamond

    Hi Ami, love your website, and just finished reading about Neptune in synastry. We have a lot of Neptune in our chart, and I keep going onto the Neptune mobile with him – it’s up and down – nothing I can do it seems like. Complete surrender, flowing, swimming in the waves, and it’s heaven and hell. Any chance you could look at our chart and comment? Thanks so much, Diamond.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Diamond and thank you soo much. I am not able to look at charts the way I used to for the sheer fact of being so busy. I would have to offer a professional chart to you, my Friend.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Write to my e mail, D. I have about a 3 week wait time. I do one chart at a time, unless it is a single question chart, with which I may do at the same time as a full synastry or natal. It would depend how complicated the chart is. I would have to see and let you know if it would take more time or was relatively clear at the beginning. For the full natal or synastry, I have about a 3 week wait but I would love to talk to you about it and would love to do a chart for you when I have done these 3 that are waiting lol

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “Neptune is as beautiful as the most delicious poetry and music that melts your soul”.

    Oh my… 😀 It works even at a distance. Growing up, I have had some celebrity crushes, and they felt sunny, light. And then I grew up and, out of the blue, had THAT crush. Holy moly! If anybody ever told me that I would be drowning my PC keyboard in my saliva, while swooning at the sight of a stranger 20 years my senior and hanging on his every word and gesture… I would laugh my head off. I would, yeah. Before that minute, where I suddenly felt hypnotized.

    The man was doing nothing special. He was sitting in front of the interviewer, seemingly quite uncomfortable and a little shy. Words were coming slowly out of his pepper-and-salt facial hair. Neither his face, nor his body could make me call him handsome or alluring (too thin here, not wide enough there… not much to sink my teeth into!). But boy! If anybody dared point that out, I would rip the poor kamikaze in two.

    I could have gotten away. But, to my bad luck, the man was saying something intelligent! And this traps me like honey traps a bee. My destiny was sealed. The whole day was wasted on YouTube, but didn’t feel like a waste.

    Luckily, I have this online friend, who vibed with every fiber of her being at the news, “At last somebody gets me!”. She revealed a secret list of, at least, 8 guys across the ocean, who made her swoon and gasp in a much similar way.

    Guess, Ami, what we found out. ALL of her guys had their Neptune conjunct her Moon. At their sight, according to her, she was hearing the wedding bells and planning the honeymoon all around the world. She, a free spirit, with her Moon in Saggy.

    And mine had his Neptune conjunct my Venus in Scorpio. I will be demure and say that I would devour him alive. And not care a second about his feelings or sensations, which doesn’t resemble me at all.

    This scary kind of infatuation has passed. Ok, for me it was not real. But for those who are touched by Neptune of their significant others, is there any chance they won’t wake up sad? Romance is always good for a couple. Can Neptune be there for good, if the overall synastry is harmonious?

  4. amiannNur

    Honestly I am shocked with this information.But I wonder if this is a supportive aspect if three is neptune trine sun synastry for both two sides

  5. amiannLou

    Who´s the one feeling foggy, the Neptune or the Venus/Moon?? I have with my crush his Venus conjunct my Neptune and his Moon trine my Neptune and also my Venus trine his Neptune. Is this bad??

  6. amiannPadma

    Curious on your take: In trying to better learn synastry, I syns-stalked all ex flames I could think of within the past five years, and one that actually never left the ground intrigued me quite a bit for ALL of our personal planets aspected one another in some majorly positive way in pretty tight orbs. Buuuuut…all but one of his personal planets also had a square to my Neptune, and the one that did not square my Neptune, mine squares to his Neptune. I’m not really interested in this relationship as nothing left the ground and I ended up (shocker) heartbroken and nebulous as to the logistics of the…relationship(?) for lack of better terms. However, in general, with situations such as this where my Neptune knocked down a plethora astrological greatness, can one always expect that Neptune has this power and ability to squash all positive aspects, always? (Harsh thought!)

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