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The Sun In Gemini –Some Thoughts

The Sun is one’s most basic identity. If one has to crystallize who one is, one would be talking about the Sun. If a person does not have his Sun dominant, he is not mentally and emotionally healthy, in my opinion. If the moon or ASC is dominant, the person is out of balance. If the moon overshadows the Sun, the person has shut himself down. If the ASC overshadows the Sun, the person is too concerned with impressions of himself, to the detriment of his actual identity. That would be the specific energy of the Sun, any Sun. Then, one must look at the sign and see if one is expressing the essence of this sign.If not, one must try to express the nature of the sign, as it IS one’s nature.The subject of this article is Gemini. Each sign lives to do something. Each sign represents a stage of life, certain specific orientations and certain specific traits. As such, one has a map of oneself, if one studies the sign. Gemini lives to express himself. A Gemini will not find happiness until he finds his own fingerprint and puts forth, his own imprint. Gemini lives to communicate. All expressions of himself must be his own.If a Gemini is a follower, he is a very unhappy Gemini. If he is a trendsetter in just being himself, he has fufilled his purpose and will be a happy Twin.


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