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Sun in the 12th House

The Sun is our most dominant part. It is our identity, our ego, what we know as our “self”. In an emotionally healthy person, the Sun sign will be the strongest. If the moon or Ascendant is dominant, something is out of balance. That is why someone with little astrological knowledge can pick out sun signs. All people need to shine. We need to express ourselves, as surely as we need to eat . One would not literally die, if one’s self were dormant, but something of import would die. The 12th house sun cannot shine as the other house’s Suns. It is the hardest placement for the Sun, as the 12th house opens to the next dimension. The Sun is made to be autonomous : a discrete and separate entity. For a person to be emotionally strong, his identity HAS to be separate from others. The 12th house is a dissolution of boundaries. As such, the Sun does not want to do what all Suns were made to do i.e individuate.

The 12th house Sun will want to retire, rather than put himself on center stage. He will hold back. If there are a group of children playing, the 12th house Sun will pretend he does not care to join, but he does. This Sun wavers between going back and going forward. He may be interested in all things mystical and spiritual. He may want to work in out of the way places such as prisons or hospices. Perhaps, he does shine, but it is in a different way. He may be the most spiritual of all. He will be different but he needs to celebrate these differences, as the hardest aspects of any chart can be better for service to others and development of oneself. As such, there is a depth and a humility that the easier chart could never know.

4 thoughts on “Sun in the 12th House

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you! My heart goes out to 12th house people as they are truly in a different dimension that others. They walk one step closer to the next dimension and that is not easy xx

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