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Sun or Moon—–Which is the REAL You?

376401_436994226345176_1464113897_n Both the Sun and Moon are the real person but different parts. An employer will see your Sun at a job interview. Your co-workers will likely deal with your Sun. It is your more outer self. It is the strongest and most dominant part of yourself but not the most intimate.

Lets look at this topic more closely. A person has many sides. The chart shows us all of them. The chart shows us how they interact as well. The Astrologer must look at the chart with, both, a microscopic and macroscopic view.It is a daunting task but a very worthwhile one because the Astrologer can give the person back to himself, if the person is lost.

In this article, we are talking about two parts of the person–The Sun and the Moon. You will see the Sun the most easily. That is why people can pick out Sun signs. The Moon will be shown to intimates. One may never see the Moon sign of most people. One does not know many people as intimates. One will see the Moon more easily if it is conjunct the ASC or the MC.

I think one of the main things I have learned through doing charts is that a person has many different levels and many different sides. One has to feel out the sides of someone and then the signs that go with each side.

The ego is the Sun. Some people have a strong ego. They came into the world with a natural self confidence. Certain placements help give a natural confidence. Some of these would be Sun conjunct the ASC, a Cardinal Sun, Jupiter conjunct the Sun, Jupiter trine the Sun, the Sun conjunct the South Node and interestingly enough, the asteroid Narcissus conjunct the Sun or North Node.

A weaker ego could be seen by the Sun in the detriment which is Aquarius or the Fall, which is Libra. If a person wants to understand Astrology, he must learn to feel out the Domicile, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall positions. This is one of the keys to a chart.

A weaker ego would be the Sun in the 12th House. The 12th house is the house of suppression. A planet which lands here will struggle mightily to find it’s voice. That is just the nature of the 12th house.

At any rate, if one wants to guess the chart of another person, start with the Sun. This will be a fun exercise to do. I do it all the time. I am usually right. If I am wrong, I have picked up on the ASC, usually. The ASC is not as dominant as the Sun but for some people, their ASCs scream out to such a degree that one mistakes the ASC for the Sun.

The ASC is the physical appearance and mannerisms. The Sun is more of the basic nature of the person. As you can see, they would often seem to blend. One can get to a point where one can separate them pretty well, though. To be a good Astrologer, one must be a good observer. I think one must be able to ask people questions about themselves, too. That is the main place you will learn Astrology, in my opinion, from the horse’s mouth.

The Sun will show the relationship with the father. A good rule of thumb is that if there is a hard Saturn aspect with the Sun( and conjunctions are considered hard with Saturn) the person had a father who hurt his self confidence. One can take this to the bank, in my opinion. Hence, Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun square Saturn and Sun oppose Saturn would be a weakening of the self confidence, from the relationship with the father. If one has the Sun trine important parts of the chart, that would show an increase in the self confidence, due to the relationship with the father. There are many factors which go into producing a natural self confidence. I have talked about a few. This is a good start.

The Moon is one’s deepest heart. One sees the Moon of one’s intimates, as I said. In some people, the Sun and Moon are very different, by sign. In some people, the Sun and Moon are similar, by sign. In some people, the Sun and Moon are in the same House. In some people, they are in different Houses. In some people, there are easy aspects between the Sun and the Moon. In some people, there are hard aspects. All of this factors into our discussion. Let me see if I can talk about these situations.

Some people have more distinctly different parts to their personalities. One person may be an entirely different person in the workplace than at home. Some people may be the same person wherever they go. We can tell this by looking at the Sun and the Moon signs. Do you get what you see? Is there an very different person hidden inside? We can tell this by looking at the signs of these two planets. Is it a simplified look? Yes. However, it is a start to understand the person in question. A start is good.

Let’s look at some examples.We may have a person with a gentle sun such as Pisces. He may have a strong, intense Moon like Scorpio. In this case, we would see one kind of person, a dreamy, imaginative, creative Pisces. However, if we became intimate with this person, we would see the tensile strength and an inviolable will of the Scorpio Moon. The situation could be reversed. We may see an elusive, mysterious but strong minded Scorpio Ego with a gentle, yielding Pisces Moon emotional core. You get the picture with signs, I hope.

Then, we would need to see in which House the Sun and Moon fell? This would modify our picture. A Sun conjunct the ASC will have a natural confidence. A Sun in the 12th will have a strong reserve. A Moon conjunct the MC will show it’s heart. A Moon conjunct the DSC will look for heart and deep emotions in a partner. A Moon in the 12th will hold back his emotions. So, Houses are important factors, too.

Lastly, but not least, we would have aspects between the Sun and Moon. A conjunction would make a blending of the ego and the heart. A trine would make an easy flow. A square would make a blockage. An opposition would make a yin/yang( back and forth between ego and heart)

I think you can see how great the complexity of a chart is. One has to break it down to parts for the purposes of learning. I hope you learned something of value and had fun in the process, always my goal! Write any personal thoughts on my Comment Form!




20 thoughts on “Sun or Moon—–Which is the REAL You?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    I have Sun in Tauras, Moon in Cancer and Leo raising. A complete blend of introversion
    and exraversion a mass of self defeating contradictions!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Daniel. Well, it is interesting that they think you are a Scorpio. The Unaspected planet will lie buried unless the native digs it up. That is the nature of the Unaspected planet. With the Sun, your confidence, ability to put yourself out there, identity and ego, in the best sense of the word, would need to be unburied. This is not easy. I have an Unaspected Venus. I need to learn to love in a way that is all my own. It sounds like yours is still buried if people think you are a Scorpio.
      The 8th house will bury it more, too. The 8th House represses what lies within. The 12th house suppresses what lies within.
      How old are you, Daniel?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Wow Daniel
          What a combo at the ASC and MC. First, tell me how close the Pluto and the Neptune are to the MC and ASC, respectively. Then, I do have some ideas for you!

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Wow wow
            Your chart is very unique Daniel. Your Sun is Unaspected so you must really work very hard on trying to get self confidence and a strong, personal voice. By voice, I mean a strong identity. My answer for everything is to be Born Again because that provides all that we need. However, I don’t know if this is something you are interested in, so I will answer from a non spiritual point of view.
            You must force yourself to stand up for who you are and what you believe. People will not like you because people are threatened by an individual. It is kind of s deep kind of fear. You will have to force yourself to keep defining yourself until you begin to trust yourself. All this will bring your Unaspected Sun out from being buried. If you have a gift, use it. It could be music or speaking ability or a special hobby. This will help you get confidence, too.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Now, about Nep conj the ASC and Pluto conj the MC. These are very, very different and really don’t go well together, shall we say. Each is very unique. Most people don’t have both PLUS an Unaspected Sun. Let me explain how these ASC and MC placements would feel.
            Nep conj the ASC is a very dreamy and imaginative person. This person has a hard time feeling a solid identity. OTOH, Pluto con the MC is a super powerful person who stands strong and confident. This is someone who is unafraid to show who he is to others. This person is a natural leader. You do not mess with him. These 2 things are very different, as you can. What do you think?

          3. amiannDaniel

            Thank you for your tips.
            Since I have a natural tendency to just navigate through reality, especially around topics such as religion and politics, it might be a good idea to at least consider to assert myself more.

            I hope to have more time for music and writing when I

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            You are welcome, Daniel. Anytime! Come and post your chart in my Forum if you want. There is no charge and you can ask any questions you have!

          5. amiannDaniel

            I just saw your other post.

            Well, your Neptune ASC description fits me quite well. I would also add sensitivity and an uncanny intuition for people

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            I don’t have Pluto conj the MC. I have Moon conj the MC. I THOUGHT I had Pluto conj the MC because I friend made me a new chart when I first got started in Astrology. He told me that I had to be a Scorpio ASC because I looked like one. When I got better in Astrology, I realized that he was wrong. My birth certificate says a 12 degree Libra ASC and this chart fits me as my natural chart, Daniel.

            I am a Born Again Christian, as I am sure you know. Astrology is a science, to me. It is not a spiritual discipline, per se.

  2. amiannMel

    Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, Libra Rising.

    I really think that Libra is what makes me more appealing and likeable! I have a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon friend who is also a Libra rising…and we both have a “talent” for rubbing people the wrong way.

    I’ve always been more of a Leo. When I was younger I was a shy and quiet Leo, then a brooding and prideful one. I’m still working on growing into my better qualities!

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Well, Tuarus can either be introverted or extraverted. Moon in Cancer is introverted.
    And Leo raising is extraverted. So, sometimes I’m happy and enthusiastic. Other times,
    I’m very depressive. A BRIGHT AND DARK type of person.
    One step forward. Two steps backward.

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