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Synastry–The Moon Conjunct 20 Asteroids

A blonde showgirlThe moon is one deepest heart. It is the most intimate part of oneself. Hence, one needs to be aware of any asteroid that touches it in synastry. I allow a two degree orb. Sometimes, I will fudge it and allow three, but it is a fudge. Asteroids do not have the energetic pull of planets. They are smaller. Hence, the orbs need to be smaller. There is a great deal of difference between an exact orb and a one, two or three degree orb. Take this into consideration when you look at asteroids. I use the conjunction for  descriptive purposes because it is the most powerful aspect.  Other aspects factor in but they will never be as strong as the conjunction. This would include the trine, sextile, square and opposition. For these, I would allow a two degree orb, tops.

    The Moon Conjunct  Asteroids.

Moon conjunct Nemesis— In this case, the Nemesis person may be an enemy to the Moon person. It may or may not be a hidden enemy. One cannot tell that from this conjunction, just that is is an enemy.

Moon conjunct  Prosperina—The Prosperina will have a hard transition from teens to adulthood. The Moon person will understand this and be able to comfort the Prosperina.

Moon conjunct Poseidon—-Poseidon is great insight. In this case, the Poseidon person would have great insight into the Moon person. The Moon would feel  understood.

Moon conjunct Chiron—-( Chiron is a planet, not an asteroid)–This aspect may blow up a relationship. When I see any strong conjunction of Chiron with a planet, I usually see a very close start to a relationship and a sharp break up over something insignificant. Pain seems to get in the way of these relationships.

Moon conjunct  Sappho–The Sappho person would bring an erotic vibe to the relationship. The erotic nature would combine the arts such as an interest in music, dance or literature. This would be a lovely combination

Moon conjunct Eris-–This would be very annoying to the Moon person. Eris is unique in it’s vibe of being a major mosquito, if you will forgive the colloquialism. Eris can get on it’s high horse in such a way that you want to slap him silly. If you have ever had a child tease you, you know how that feels. Adults with a strong Eris have that same feeling about them. I can pick Eris up quite easily and am right99% of the time.  The Moon person would probably be driven crazy by the Eris person.

Moon conjunct Nymphe—-Nymphe is what you think– a sex maniac. Hence, Nymphe would bring this to the Moon. Would it be good? I suppose I will let you decide.

Moon conjunct Bacchus–Bacchus is orgies. It is doing what one wants sexually, in a big way. Think of the Roman orgies and you will have your man. Would this be good? It would depend on the Moon person’s point of view. I  would not like it :/

Moon conjunct  Amor–Amor would bring a pure kind of love to the Moon. The Moon would love the Amor person, in turn. This is very nice.

Moon conjunct Valentine--Valentine is sacrificial love such as when a person throws himself in front of the bus for the beloved. This would be a lovely conjunction and could be called a pure soul mate aspect.

Moon conjunct Hekate--Hekate is the shadow side of ourselves. It is what we won’t face in ourselves. Hence, the Hekate person may make the Moon person face parts of himself that he has hidden. This could be good or bad depending on how the Moon person views it.

Moon conjunct Kaali-–Kaali is the deep body energy of each of us.The aura is a part of this. Acupuncture works on this energy body as does Kundalini yoga. In this case, the Kaali person may feel his vital energy leave and go into the Moon person. The Kaali person may feel drained. Kaali is a hard asteroid when it touches pivotal parts of the natal chart because the person can have a loss of vital energy to the exterior such as heat leaving through an open door.

Moon conjunct Maniac–Maniac seems to be prominent  in the natal chart of those who suffer from moon disorders. Hence, I think the Maniac person would bring an uncomfortable buzz to the Moon person. This would not feel good, in my opinion.

Moon conjunct Alma–Alma is the Spanish word for soul. This would be an aspect of simpatico such as Moon conjunct Moon. This would be a warm sense of knowing the person in a deep and familiar way.

Moon conjunct Boda–Boda is the Spanish word for marriage. This would be a sense of the deep connection that is needed for marriage. This would be a serious relationship with the marital values of devotion and loyalty.

Moon conjunct Angel–The Angel asteroid is what you think. People who have a strong Angel in the natal chart are angels to people. Hence, in synastry, the Angel person would bring a warm, helpful and sacrificial vibe to the Moon person.

Moon conjunct Abundantia–Abundantia is abundance. This person would bring good things to the Moon person. It may be riches or it may be other personal traits which enhance the Moon person’s live.

Moon conjunct Casanova–This would be what you would expect. It may be a short term affair where the Moon person falls for the charms of someone who wants to use him, only

Moon conjunct Cupido–Cupido is the look of love used to deceive. In this case, the Moon person would be deceived by the Cupido person wanting to use him for an affair, but that is all.

Moon conjunct Lust--The Lust person may not be serious and the Moon person may be hurt.


50 thoughts on “Synastry–The Moon Conjunct 20 Asteroids

  1. amiannMoonChild

    No much above mentioned CONJ in our synastry, except the close proximity of my Poseidon to her Moon. And that above explanation, I can see is right.

    And we have her Nymph “near” my Moon (and her Lilith and Nymph CONJ my Vertex (sitting on it) ).

  2. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    My flat mate (with whom i have moon trine moon) has his Alma & Ceres conjunct my Alma. And they are all conjunct my son’s moon. Moreover, three of us have our anti-vertices bunched together within 3 degrees of all this.

    No wonder we have a happy ‘made up family’ scenario sharing home in spite of all cultural odds.

  3. amiannTiffany

    This definately fits, although I don’t have a secret sexual life. I find myself thinking and talking about sex often but that’s as far as it goes most times. In my past I’ve had quite a few sexual affairs but now I’ve started to find I don’t derive much satisfaction from it as I used to. Lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Remember that the conjunction has to be close like 2-3 degrees. If you were the Maniac, then I think you would bring them an unsettled energy that may make them moody. Tell me the story.

  4. amiannTiffany

    I want to know about a person with Alma conjunct Sappho in the 7th house?

    Another scenario: One person’s Alma conjunct the other person’s mars by 1 degree?

    Next : My Angel conjunct Saturn by 2 degrees in the 1st house. Angel is also conjunct cupido by 2 degrees. How would this describe my persona?

    I have an ex who has Nessus conjunct Angel in the 8th house, explain what this means, if you don’t mind.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Alma/Sappho would be soul with the erotic, so very good.
      Alma/Mars would be the Alma person bring soul to the Mar’s person’s passions and this would be good, too. This would be the real deal in a relationship, more than a fling, just looking at this one aspect, Tiffany.

      For you, with Angel conjunct Saturn, it would be hard for you to give sacrificial giving to others but you WANT to. You feel almost an obsession to develop this in yourself but it is a struggle. Cupido conj Saturn would make you want to be a player and even be obsessed with it.

      Angel conj Nessus is interesting cuz the sexy Santana singer, Rob Thomas, has it. He seems like the perfect blend of dark and light. I am not sure exactly how this would play out, Tiffany. What do you think of this and the other things I wrote. I would be super interested in knowing.

  5. amiannTiffany

    My maniac was within 2 degrees of his sun. Seems every time we were in contact he was very moody, especially if he had a bad day. He seemed really irritable but then again it could be from their moon conjunct ascendant.

  6. amiannAmazing_Love

    What you said makes a lot of sense. I notice I have quite a few asteroids sitting in my first house in a close orb in Sagittarius.
    Saturn 8 degrees
    Angel 8 degrees
    Aphrodite 9 degrees
    Cupido 10 degrees

    Break this down for me if you don’t mind. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, there are quite a few. What saturn touches, he makes one obsessed with. He touches your Angel so you are prolly obsessed with wanting to do good deeds but it is not easy. The same would go for Aprodite. This is pure love. You may be obsessed with pure love and how to get it and give it, perhaps.
      Cupido is the look of love to deceive as a player does. I bet you may struggle with this, too. What do you think, A.L?

  7. amiannAmazing_Love

    Right on! Everything in my first house I believe I struggle with daily mainly because of Saturn’s position. I also have Juno there but in 13 degrees.

  8. amiannAmazing_Love

    Lol I don’t think I’m obsessed with marriage but I do long & desire to be with my perfect mate. I have a problem settling but with Juno in the 1st I almost feel I need a relationship. I have Chiron & lilith in the 7th house so partnership for me is definately a challenge.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, that longing is from Saturn. Saturn will make you strive and strive and strive for what it conjuncts. It feels uncomfortable but it should work out well in the end because Saturn rewards one for hard work. Chiron in the 7th would make for a struggle for sure! xx

  9. amiannmarion

    Yes Ami, it is nice and soulful…But the naughty bit as follows.

    His Kama, Nessus, Bacchus, Mars, Venus and Sappho are a stellium (in that order) in a tight span of 6 degrees within Gemini. My South node conjuncts it, exact at his Kama point.
    My Bacchus exactly conjuncts his moon in Leo.

    His Nymphe conjuncts my sun-moon midpoint exactly and my nymphe conjuncts his DC exactly.

    I think there is great potential for explosive passion too..I am tempted to try him out…but he has not filed his divorce yet, though he has been talking about it for a year now.

  10. amiannmarion

    Yes Ami, it is nice and soulful…But the naughty bit as follows.

    His Kama, Nessus, Bacchus, Mars, Venus and Sappho are a stellium (in that order) in a tight span of 6 degrees within Gemini. My South node conjuncts it, exact at his Kama and Nessus points. My kaali exactly conjuncts his Mars and Venus points in it.

    My Bacchus exactly conjuncts his moon in Leo.

    His Nymphe conjuncts my sun-moon midpoint exactly and my nymphe conjuncts his DC exactly.

    I think there is great potential for explosive passion too..I am tempted to try him out…but he has not filed his divorce yet, though he has been talking about it for a year now.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, there would be great passion there, Marion dear.However, would the relationship last? Just from a quick glance, it looks like it may not.Kaali, Bacchus and Nessus do not bode well for lasting relationships.

  11. amiannAmazing_Love

    What if Varuna 23 degrees Gemini is conjunct Chiron 25 in both are in “retrograde” on the 8th house cusp?
    Lilith is also conjunct Varuna in 25 degrees gemini but not in retrograde. Could you give me a discrption of these?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Varuna/Chiron–pain upon being a strong leader with lots of influence on others.

      Lilith/Varuna– not really sure. Maybe using sexual as a means to influence people but that is kind of an unsure interpretation, just a stab in the dark. Do either of these fit, A.L?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Varuna is the asteroid of the charismatic leader such as an MLK who could move people with his words. Retrograde would mean one would have to go inward before one could come out. That is Retro in a nutshell.

  12. amiannEva

    Hi Amy,
    please I need some advice, because I feel a bit lost, and I need some opinion on my situation.
    I am very attracted to someone since always, who has no idea about me, we never met actually in a person. But from hearing his opinions, we share same philosophy of life, love and values. Then I checked our synastry and now he is always on my mind, there are very close or exact degree aspects:
    his Moon and Mercury conj my Asc
    my Moon conj his Sun and Asc
    his Moon and Mercury trines my sun
    my Moon conj his Mars and Karma
    my Psyche conj his Deja and Asc
    his Sun/Moon mid point conj my Moon and Asc
    his Valentine and Pholus conj my Amor in pisces
    my Chiron, Lust and Sedna conj his South node
    his Eros and MC conj my north node and my MC
    his Eros is opposit my sun and lilith
    his IC is conj exact my IC, Sun and South node
    my name asteroid conj his Uranus
    his name asteroid conj my Uranus
    my name conj his juno
    my Vesta conj his Mars in 8 house
    his Lilith conj my Vesta and Neptune
    his Boda conj my Part of fortune
    his Pluto is opposit my Part of fortune
    my Pluto square his Vertex
    our Vertex is in wide conj of 6 deggres
    In my natal his name is conj my juno
    we don’t have any Deja / Nessus aspects only our Nessus is exact conj
    I always think of him and I feel tortured and desperate and so in love. I am flying in the clouds and my imagination is spinning but we don’t even know each other in person! I was never in situation like this before, it is so hard and so distracting, I am not teenager anymore so it is ridiculous and I feel embarrassed. I keep this secret with me, only my good friend knows about it and she is very understanding and supportive and she wants to help me to meet him. Sometimes my brain will tell me it’s no point but then in same time my heart and intuition kicks in and says that everything is possible and I have to meet him. I feel lost.
    Do you think that special transits are needed for relationship to start or fall in love mutually? Or it is possible that nothing would happen at all. Please Ami, tell me what do you think. I just need to hear any opinion. Thank you!

      1. amiannEva

        Ami, I was just temporarily locked out right now because I forgot my password or I messed up something I have no idea what have I done so they will send me info on how to unlock it.
        When everything is sorted should I post my synastry on your astrology forum?

  13. amiannAnderssen

    Thanks for your blog. Would a Cupido conjunct Vertex in Synastry be less deceitful and the Cupido person not want just an affair?

      1. amiannAnderssen

        but it’s confusing if the Cupido person’s Valentine and Boda tightly conjunct the Vertex person’s Moon, surely that makes it better? Thanks!

  14. amiannKadee

    Hi ami!
    I’ve been meaning to ask you.
    In my chart, my Asc is technically in Libra but starts close to Scorpio that it makes my 1st and 12th house in libra. And my 6th and 7th house in Aries. Causing it to skip Leo and Aquarius from occupying a house in my chart. The reason I’m asking is because my moon is in Leo not having a house placement of it’s own. Does this signify anything?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I really don’t understand the ideas behind intercepted houses. You may want to Google it and come back with the info. Everything matters in the chart. The intercepted Houses do weaken the chart, I think, but I am not sure how.

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