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Taurus ASC/Scorpio DSC with Pluto Conjunct

This is for TMO, one of my dear readers. The Taurus ASC is a grounded person. Picture the peaceful farmer. Taurus loves the land. If the Taurus ASC is not a farmer, he will have the solid feel of the earth about him. He may have a large build like a football player. He may have wide shoulders. If not, he will feel like he does. I feel safe with earth men. They seem like they can slay the dragons of the earth and women like that feeling. The Taurus ASC will be a thoughtful sort. He will not jump into crazy things. He would not put a lampshade on his head and dance in the middle of the room. Leave that to a Saggi.

The DSC is Scorpio. Hence, the person will be attracted to Scorpio traits. It is rare that a person is attracted to the sign on the DSC, itself. Yet, the person is very attracted to the traits. The DSc sign is what we are lacking. That is the major reason we are attracted to it’s traits. They are the holes within us.snake tattoo on guys chest

If we have Pluto conjunct the ASC, we add another factor. What conjuncts the ASC, we look for in the partner. We, often, cast it off in ourselves. Hence, this native may look for a partner with a strong presence and a strong access to his own primal power.


I hope that helps, Tmo. Ask any questions that you have!




12 thoughts on “Taurus ASC/Scorpio DSC with Pluto Conjunct

  1. amiannnany

    I have an article request for you ami! You have written a lot about combust mercury. But what about combust Venus? Also what difference would it make if Venus is already weak(in scorpio) as compared to when Venus is strong(in taurus). Also does combustion & ciazmi behave sam

      1. amiannnany

        Ami! I also wish to know about retrograde planets in a natal chart-are they stronger,weaker or behave how would we interpret mars retrograde through different houses?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Pluto in the first is a downer! Like Marley’s ghost who drags his chains with him!
    I could have been a vibreant , carefree, contented person, with my Leo raising. The
    world could have been my oyster! I could have known and experienced LOVE!
    But the damn, damn, Pluto in the first was the kiss of death!
    Look at others with Pluto in the first. Garbo, who left the spotlight at the height of her
    popularity because she “wanted to be alone.” She lived most of her life in isolation in N.Y.C.
    almost like a bag lady. Prince Charles, who has about as much charisma and charm as
    a pile of roadkill! Anything he got in live only was because he was a prince and all the power
    that welded. Steven King, the horror writer who’s not only anti-Christian and UGLY but
    who’s mind is in the gutter and on terrible things. Pluto in the 1st is NOT a blessing, it’s a

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You leave Steven King alone. He is my hero! Seriously, King was my first step in finding Jesus. My all time favorite book is The Stand. King writes about the struggle between good and evil in the human being.

      Have you read any of his books, Lon?

      I know many Pluto in the first who are not as you describe though, Lon, dear.

      I wish you lived near me. I would help you find the right woman. You need just the right person like my son found.

      God can bring you that person, Lon dear, if you would still like imo

  3. amiannLon Spector

    If you’ve seen some of the movie’s made from King’s books, you might think
    otherwise. All the “bad guys” speak of Christ and morality. All the “good guys”
    are opressed by the mainical religious folk.
    Have you seen the “Shawshank Redeedemtion? Or, how about the depiction of
    “Carrie White’s” mother?
    No one can “soar” with Pluto in the first, because people are AFRAID and distrustful of
    Pluto in the first. It’s almost as bad as Saturn, in it’s own way.

  4. amiannIo

    Amiann, lovely picture. You are a spiritual guide 🙂

    I, a Taurus Ascendant, was intrigued by a Scorpio-Sun guy, with Pluto tightly conjunct in my DSC that also makes a Trine to my Cancer-Moon. In my experience, he is the most powerful man I have met in my entire life! I also saw the powerful impression I made to his life. Sadly enough we are very far away right now.

    Powerful is the adjective to this deep first-sight connection. Three years after I met him, I am still in shock!


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Lo. Your kind words mean everything to me! Yes, that makes sense about Pluto. When a guy’s Pluto conjuncts an angle, you feel weak in the knees lol

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