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Ten More Asteroids That Conjunct the Ascendent

1. Pandora Conjunct the ASC—Pandora opened the box and let all those bad boys out. Pandora conjunct the ASC may stir up trouble by opening issues she should not. She may bring an air of chaos with her. She can’t help it but the Asteroids that conjunct the ASC will play out, with or without the person’s consent.

2. Ceres conjunct the ASC–This is one of my favorites. If you are a guy, you can sweet talk women. If you are a woman, I assume you can sweet talk men. I have never met a woman with Ceres conjunct the ASC but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. We all want unconditional love. Ceres vibes unconditional love. Ceres is the love of a mother. This is the most precious love on earth. The person with Ceres conjunct the ASC will be popular with all because he wields the commodity we all want—LOVE.

If you give a man with Ceres conjunct the ASC a sexy planet placement like Mars in Scorpio, you will have a guy that women can’t resist. We all love the light and the dark, the hot and the cold. Need I say more?

3.Vesta conjunct the ASC–Vesta is the person who will sacrifice for another with no thought for herself. Think of the surrogate mother who carries a baby for a woman who is infertile. That is a picture of Vesta.

4. Valentine conjunct the ASC–Valentine will give his life for his beloved. He will jump in front of a bus to save his beloved. This is the love of a knight for his lady. Truly beautiful

5.Astrowizard conjunct the ASC–I have this. It is strange how much I love Astrology and how easy a very hard subject became for me. The chart never lies lol

6.Young conjunct the ASC–This person will look young and act young a la Peter Pan where he never aged. I have this conjunct the ASC, too.

7. Lie conjunct the ASC–This is what you think it might be. I would not be surprised if he were a compulsive liar.

8. Swindle conjunct the ASC–If I saw this, I would run. Swindle is what is says. I would expect this person to be a con artist.

9.Orchus conjunct the ASC–Orchus is the hero a la Rocky. Orchus overcomes all sorts of gargantuan odds to do the right thing–the heroic thing.

10.Varuna conjunct the ASC–This is the asteroid of a convincing speaker. This person can sway people to his way of thinking. This could be for good or evil as in a MLK or a Hitler, both of whom had a prominent Varuna.

10 thoughts on “Ten More Asteroids That Conjunct the Ascendent

  1. amiannJL

    Wow. Interesting.

    Put this in perspective. And for your case studies.

    A woman with Leo rising on a critical 15th degree with these asteroids conjunct:

    Lust (exact)
    Lilith (exact)
    Pandora (3′)

    Throw in a Jupiter in the 12th conjunct all those bad boys and I stir up trouble without trying. (3′) And married men think I have the words “mistress” tattooed on my forehead. Very annoying. And I’m told I look intimidating.

    My saving grace?

    Moon/Venus conjunct Amor (11th)
    Sun in Cancer conjunct Compassion (11th)
    Jupiter in 12th (convert enemies to friends after unwitting Pandora fall-out)
    Venus/Moon 11th trine Pluto 3rd -both sextile AC/Jupiter –forming minor grand trine, able to problem-solve.

    I feel as though I have high-beams pointing at me. Which is sad bc I’m actually pretty shy. :/

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I can’t see the picture, JL. It would be better to e mail it to me. I was taken to the sign up place and not the picture. You kind words about my website made my day. You understood that it is about my heart speaking to yours. When someone understands that, it makes my heart so happy. Thank you! Do you like my articles on famous people. I was thinking of doing one on Kate Middleton. Do you like the more general articles better?

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I can’t see the chart either. Come and post the chart on my Personal Readings Forum, if you want. Then, you can ask any questions and it is a much easier mode for discussion.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t know much about Isis, Friend. Do you want to research her and bring the info back and we can try to hone it down to a practical core. Who has this?

  2. amiannTiffany

    What would Pandora conjunct Valentine mean? 2 degree orb. Pandora is also trine pallas exact, sextile Vesta, Prey, and Antares, square Mercury, Lie, Medusa, Sedna, Chaos, & Proserpha, opposing Cybele and orcus. All these are within a 2 degree orb or less.

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