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Ten Sexy Asteroids


tues-girl-showerIf You have any of these conjunct the Ascendant or MC, you are most fortunate. You will have a natural charisma and magnetism!

1. Lilith (1181)—raw sexuality

2. Eros(433)—erotic

3. Sappho( 80)—high brow erotic

4. Aphrodite (1388)–lovely, refined

5 Adonis (2101)–Greek god/goddess kind of person

6.Apollo( 1862 )—people will worship you

7. Casanova (7328)—player but women think you really mean it *sigh*

8.Cupido(763)–Looks as if he cares, but it is just a facade

9. Medusa(149)—-a terrible tease and then hurts you when you succumb

10. Circe(34)—witchy

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