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Ten Ways To Overcome Being a Victim

ghost purple skullI recently realized that I had a victim mentality. One cannot see it when one is in it. I promise you this is true. Some of the people with the biggest barks and strongest fists have a victim mentality. They don’t see it. If they did, they would change. People do not want to be miserable but it is all they know. One must change one’s paradigm before one can change one’s outer actions. I want to tell you about ten ways I found to overcome being a victim. I can promise you it won’t be easy. It will be very hard but you are not alone. You can come on my Forum and talk about it or write on my Comment Form. It is a solitary journey, yet we need each other!

Ten Ways to Overcome Being a Victim

1. Be willing to stand up for your truth. Your truth does not have to be liked by others. It is YOURS. If you stand up for it( and it is not mainstream), you will be criticized. This is an opportunity to get strong. A diamond does not become beautiful without extreme pressure. That is true for a human, too.

2. Open yourself up to people who are different than you. If you stay within your own group, you will think the whole world is your small group. Learn how to carry yourself in groups that are different. You will learn skills if you can manage to do it. It is not easy. It takes a lot of diplomacy.

3. Stand up when you are insulted. Stand up firmly and quietly, if you can. At first, you will stand up with fists flying. One does not learn quiet strength without  tantrum beginnings.

4. Find a mentor who is more mature than you. You will need a role model if this is uncharted waters, as it is for many people.

5. Realize that being respected is more important than being liked. This is a big one. If a person can get this one, the rest will follow.

6. Realize that your flaws do not make YOU flawed. They make you human

7. Laugh about your own craziness and that of others. The world doesn’t work. Therein , lies the roots of humor.

8. Know that God made you as He wanted you. The charts show that. We cannot understand the whys until we get to Heaven. Then, it won’t matter.

9.Let other people open up to you, so you learn that you are not alone in how you think and feel .Open up to others for the same reason.

10. Cry when you are sad. Tears take out pain. Pain holds up defenses. When you cry, you break down old barriers that keep you stuck. Crying is God’s medicine for emotional health.




4 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Overcome Being a Victim

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Another way is to “take it from it’s source.”
    Your “attacker” is probably just as frightened and insecure as you are, otherwise he
    wouldn’t feel the NEED to strike out.
    Also, be the best version of yourself. If someone calls you fat and you ARE fat, it can’t
    help but hurt. It’s the truth isn’t it?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    There is no need to have dominance over anyone. Just let Christ have dominance
    over YOU, and everything will take care of itself.

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