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The 19th Step to Understanding House Rulers

We are on the 8th House. The 8th House is spoken of in whispers, as is the 12th. Old time Astrologers pronounced doom on those who had a heavy 8th House. Current Astrologers mitigate things, too much, in my humble opinion. The old timers may have been more right than current ones choose to acknowledge. Why bother to study Astrology if one couches everything in niceties?The true answers are somewhere in the middle.


The 8th House rules all things which are taboo If something would make a person turn his cocktail, upside down, at a cocktail party, the 8th House rules it. Think of what will make an entire room stop talking, that is the domain of the 8th. To be specific, the 8th House rules repressed emotions. Ingmar Bergman movies would be quintessential 8th House movies. A person who has an 8th House stellium may mature late, as they may have repressed emotions and passions. The 8th House is the House of Death. I have not studied much on this subject. However, a master Astrologer can predict death. I have seen it done. I am not at the level to even approximate that level of expertise. We will deal with the 8th House in terms of repressed taboo emotions and soul mate sexuality.

As with the other House Rulers, Ruler of the 8th traveling TO another House and residing within is, relatively, easy.

The Key words for the Ruler of the 8th putting his planet in to another house would be “Intense Intimacy”

R of the 8th in the 8th—-Again, any House Ruler in his own House makes this House a Life Theme.

R of the 8th in the 5th—the native brings his INTENSE INTIMACY” to the House of Play and Short Romances i.e flings. This is a Player aspect. I have seen it in almost every Player’ s chart I have done.

R of the 8th in the 9th–the native brings his INTENSE INTIMACY to intellectual pursuits. This may be a sublimation aspect. The realm of the intellect cannot hurt you, as a person can.

R of the 8th in the 10–the native may bring his INTENSE INTIMACY to his career. This could be the workaholic.

R of the 8th in the 3rd–the native may bring his INTENSE INTIMACY to communication methods. This may be a Stephen King type of writer. This may be a Lenny Bruce type of comedian. This may be an Ali G, even. Although, Ali G has a lighter kind of feel to his humor. He does deal with taboo subjects such as Religion and Sexuality.

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