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The 20th Step to Understanding Chart Rulers

We have arrived at the 9th House. The 9th House is the House of the Higher Intellect. It rules Higher Education and all intellectual ideas. Picture a room of professors at a cocktail party. They would be having 9th House discussions.The 9th House rules international travel, and any long distance travel. It’s opposite House, the 3rd, rules short journeys. For the person with a 9th House stellium, you have a natural intellectual. The native can happily live in the world of the mind, as it feels as good as chocolate tastes.

We will look at the first side of the equation, first—The Ruler of the 9th residing in another House.

The Key word for the 9th House would be “Intellect, Intellect, Intellect”

The R of the 9th in the 10 would have a career in an intellectual career, such as a professor or a writer

The R of the 9th in the 8th would be a person who brought intellect to the deepest passions. He could write about the deepest passions, in the manner of a Jung, as he combines intellect with depth of emotion

The R of the 9th in the 11 would be a person who applies his intellect to groups. He may lead a Great Books group.

The R of the 9th in the 1st would brag about his intellect or his long distance travels. We all know a few of those.

The R of the 9th in the 2nd would use his intellect to make money. He could be a writer, a playwright or an inventor.


Now, we need to see the opposite of the duo i.e. The House Rulers who reside IN the 9th House.

Think of the key phrase ‘USE THE INTELLECT FOR”

R of the 9th in the 8th will use his intellect to delve in to repressed emotions and passions

R of the 9th in the 7th will use his intellect in his relationship. He will need to do so.

R of the 9th in the 6th will use his intellect in service. He may be a spokesman for a charity. He may be the spokesman for the ASPCA, for example.

R of the 9th in the 5th is a Player aspect. He sublimates his intellect to playing. However, he may use it to write about hobbies or to write comedic material, as well. You can see that there are several possibilities, with Astrology.

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