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The Angles In The Astrological Chart

The Angles are fascinating. They are found by knowing one’s birth time. The Ascendent is the most important. It shows your outer self, the self you show to the world. You could liken it to the car you drive or the house in which you live. When people first meet you, they see the ASC. If this is all they know of you, this is who you will be, in their minds

There are three other angles: the DSC, IC and MC. Each describes an area of life and how it either was, for you, or how you function in it. For example, the DSC shows the type of person you would choose for a partner. The sign of the DSC describes the qualities of this person.

The IC describes the feeling of your early home and early childhood. If you have Aquarius on the IC, for example, your home could have felt cold , as Aquarius is a sign that goes out in to the world, rather than stays in the home, as a
nurturer. If you were lucky enough to have Cancer on the IC, your home probably felt warm and full of love and protection.

The MC describes your public face. If you have Leo on the MC, for example, you may have boldness and confidence as you go out in to the world and your career. You may have a childlike faith that it will all work out.

The Astrological charts are so fascinating that one could study them 24/7 and never get bored!

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