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The Angles in the Cart Reveal the Direction in Which Your Life Should Move—The DSC—Part Two

The Descendant is the angle directly across from the ASC. It is exactly the same degree in the opposite sign. The DSC is fascinating because it is a kind of a mirror. This mirror does not show us our actual face but that to which we aspire. It is wonderful that there is such a thing. It is almost like a Harry Potter magic mirror. The DSC, also, shows what we want in a partner. The search for a partner is the search for the completion of ourselves. As such, we would we wise to study the sign on the DSC. It will yield much. We can, probably, look at our relationships and see that we have, always, been attracted to people who possessed traits of this sign.It may not be the sun. It may be the moon or another dominant planet. When there are planets conjunct the DSC, we need to embrace the energies of these planets, as well. We will look for these planetary energies in partners. One could say that the 7th house, of which the DSC is the ruler, will hold planets or asteroids which we need to embrace. For example, if Venus is in the 7th house, we may look for someone to give us love, rather than love ourselves. If the moon is in the 7th house, we may look to a partner to be emotional when we may have shut down our emotions. If one has Nessus in the 7th house, one may meet an abuser. If one has Pluto, one may meet a very powerful partner who is in touch with his primal emotions when we are not. The key to the 7th house is to try to embrace every planetary body which resides within, as well as the energy of the sign on the DSC.

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