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The Angles in the Chart Reveal the Direction in Which Your Life Should Move–The IC—Part Three

The sign on the IC shows the flavor of your childhood home. If it were Aqua, for example, your home may have been cold and lacking in proper nurturing. You may have had more freedom than a child could handle. The MC is exactly opposite the IC. The MC represents the society ; the world into which the child must go when he leaves the home. It is interesting how many people ‘rebel” and become the opposite of their childhood. This may be the effect of the IC/MC axis. Leo will be on the MC if Aqua is on the IC. You will go out in to the world in a warm, confident way, very unlike the coldness of your childhood home. If you want to explore this further, research the signs on your IC and MC. See if their polarity reflects the polarity in your own life.. Are you very different from the flavor of your childhood home in the way you go out in to the world. It is a fascinating subject to research. You will gain quite a bit of insight in to yourself.

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