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The Angles in The Chart Reveal The Direction in Which Your Life Should Move —–Your Ascendant—– Part One

The angles are opposite one anther. People crave opposites. This can be seen by people’s attraction to the opposite Sun sign. The chart is pure wisdom. One can mine one’s natal chart, forever, and never get to the end.In this way, the chart is like the Bible. However,back to the angles. The ASC is ones outer person. It is ones mannerisms, the way in which which the world sees one. It is, also, the lens with which one sees the world. Each ASC would has a different color pair of glasses, you could say. One could make a narrative of each ASC at a party and you could see the differences between them . I may do that. However, for this article, I want to focus on the opposite nature of the angles and how each person is forced to embrace his opposite. If a person has a Scorpio ASC, he would keep his feelings to himself .At a party, he would observe the interactions around him, before he jumped in. He would be a wonderful psychologist . People may come to him for advice. He has a cool head and can look at reality, without sugar coating it. The Descendant is, always, the opposite sign from the ASC. One is attracted to the energy of the DSC, not necessarily the specific Sun sign. So, the Scorpio ASC would be attracted to Taurus energy. Taurus energy is opposite Scorpio energy. Taurus energy is rooted in the visible earth. It is what you see on the surface, not under it. Scorpio energy is what you see under the surface, not on it. Hence, the opposites begin and never end. One can research any opposite signs and see what one needs to embrace to make oneself whole. How wonderful are the charts!

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