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The Angles in Your Chart Reveal the Direction in Which Your Life Should Move– the MC Part Four

The Mc is exactly opposite the IC. It is the same degree as the IC in the opposite sign. The MC is the face one wears in society.One leaves one’s childhood home, the IC, and goes out in to the world, the MC. Since the MC is the opposite sign to the IC, one must develop traits very different from one’s early home. This may be behind childhood rebellion. Many children want to be nothing like their parents. If you have Aqua on the IC, you would have Leo on the MC. Your home life may have been cold and allowed you too much freedom. When you go out in to the world, you are warm and gather people around you. You do it by warmth, not coercion. Fire signs warm others. Others come near, as to an actual fire. Leo on the MC may take risks, as a child does. The Leo MC may jump into new things with enthusiasm and abandon. He may move very far from the flavor of his early home. He must, as we all must, I suppose. The astrological chart shows the wheel of life. The IC/MC axis is no exception.

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