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The Asteroid Kaali—Your Vibe

I am always happiest when I can teach. I have a Gemini stellium in the 9th house and I think this is one of my purposes in life. Your chart will show your purpose, so please study it so you can find what really makes you tick. From that comes true happiness.

The asteroid Kaali must be understood in a practical way, as all asteroids must. For some asteroids, the main character has a torrid history with deaths, rebirths, fighting monsters and being redeemed. The student of Astrology has a hard time making this practical. This kind of situation is what makes asteroids hard. if you want to understand asteroids, start with the simpler stories like Sedna. This is not multi-layered. Sedna has a straight forward story which is very poignant. We all can relate because we all have been betrayed.

The myth of Sedna is such that you can read it once or twice and come to a practical idea how to use it in the charts. Sedna’s story is all about betrayal by men. She was betrayed by her father and her husband. She was deceived by her husband into marrying what she thought was a fine gentleman. He turned out to be a literal monster. Sedna tried to run away back to her father’s home. This is the saddest part of the story. Sedna’s father was afraid of her husband who had godlike power. Sedna’s father tried to escape by boat. Sedna swam out to the boat, hoping for dear life to be safe with her father. Her father cut off her fingers and she fell to the bottom of the sea and drowned.

I think most people will get a heart pang when they read that. I think most people will remember that poignant story. If one sees Sedna conjunct the ASC, Moon, Sun, Venus or DSC, one can assume that this person had a bad betrayal by men.

That is how asteroids work. The hard part is when the story is multi- multi layered and one cannot hone a theme out easily. These cases must be studied and studied. They must be used in charts to see just how they work.

Back to Kaali. I gave the Sedna example so you could see how to use asteroids and do it on your own. Kaali is your Kundalini energy. If you have ever had any kind of energy medicine, you will know what I mean. I studied acupuncture. What do the needles work on? They do miracles.Patients have anesthesia and undergo ENTIRE surgical operation, just with acupuncture needles, as one can see in China. So, the needles work on “something”. That something is the invisible energy body.

If one takes a homeopathic, that is made up of energy. If one looks at the chemical analysis, there is NONE. It looks like a sugar cube but it works. How? It is energized and it works on the energy body.

To make this very practical, when someone makes your skin crawl, what does he make crawl? It is the antenna on your energy body warning you of danger. Your vibes are part of your energy body. Someones vibes are part of their energy body. That is how you pick up vibes. We say someone has good vibes or bad vibes.

So, with Kaali, you do not want Kaali too close to the surface or the person is like a human antenna. That would be the case with Kaali conjunct the Sun or the ASC. This person has a struggle to keep the outside from coming in and overwhelming him. This person would want to numb our the acute sensitivity with drugs and other addictions. Other people cannot understand the sensitivity of such a person and hence the person is misunderstood. He misunderstands himself, too.

I write this article to help people understand Kaali, especially those who have it prominently.

3 thoughts on “The Asteroid Kaali—Your Vibe

  1. amiannLesley

    Hi AmiAnn.
    My Kaali is in Scorpio and is in exact opposition to my Venus in Taurus at the 2nd and 8th houses respectively. Do oppositions mean anything in the chart with this asteroid? If so, will it make me more receptive to the Venus energy of those around me in either a positive or negative way, if I am understanding the kundalini energy properly.

  2. amiannmarina

    Thanks for writing up on Kaali. Have to check this.
    But got curious about Sedna. One male has his Sedna conjunct my ASC.
    What to make out of this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Marina

      Hmmm- His Sedna conj your ASC makes it very personal because your ASC is one of your MOST personal places. I would watch this relationship very carefully as Sedna has a very painful story. Tell me about the relationship and how this guy feels to you.

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