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The Asteroids I Use



8652  Acacia

1221 Amor

18675  Amianni

1388 Aphrodite (Greek)

2101 Adonis (Greek/Babylonian)

151 Abundantia (Roman)

390 Alma

8273 Apatheia( apathy)

88 aesculapia

1488 Aura
1862 Apollo (Greek)

99942 Apophis

11911 Angel

Astrowizard 24626

4425 Bilk

695 Bella

1487 Boda

19029 Briede

2063 Bacchus (Roman)

7328 Casanova

1 Ceres (Roman)

19521 Chaos (Greek)

4580 Child

192158 Christian

10343 Church

34 Circe (Greek)

8990 Compassion

763 Cupido (Roman)

 2919  Dali

2589 Daniel

157 Dejanira (Greek)

9795 Deprez

344  Desiderata

6583 Destinn

78 Diana

3671 Dionysus (Greek

55555 DNA

12410 Donald Duck

3552 Don Quixote

571 Dulcinea

60 Echo

62 Erato

433 Eros (Greek)

52  Europa

866 Fatme

10891 Fink

19 Fortuna (Roman)

3852  Glennford

18824 Graves

5129 Groom

100 Hekate (Greek)

1516 Henry

97472 Hobby

42 Isis (Egyptian)
7507 Israel

7899 Joya

664 Judith

11518 Jung

3 Juno (Roman)

4227 Kaali (Vedic)

1387 Kama (Vedic)

3811 Karma

23739 Kevin

2305 King

4969 Lawrence

82332 Las Vegas

26955 Lie

1181 Lilith

7696 Liebe

9007 Logos

2210 Lois

61342 Lovejoy

1930 Lucifer

4386 Lust

19730 Machiavelli

6735  Madhatter

8991 Magnanimity

Manas 3349

228029 Maniac

3698 Manning

2779 Mary

212 Medea (Greek)

149 Medusa

638 Moira( what you are fated to do)

7232 Nabokov

37117 Narcissus

128 Nemesis (Greek)

7066 Nessus

2587 Not

875 Nymphe (Greek)

90482 Orcus

1923 Osiris (Egyptian)

2 Pallas

2878 Panacea

55 Pandora

4450 Pan

2791 Paradise

399 Persephone (Greek)

5145 Pholus

12927 Pinocchio

144752 Plunge

4341 Poseidon

6157 Prey

26 Proserprina (Roman)

16 Psyche

5457  Queens

3972 Richard

5239 Reiki

18171 Romaneskue

50000 Quaoar

18376 Quirk

15907 Robert

Sado 118230

80 Sappho

90377 Sedna

80 Sappho (Greek)

8992 Solidarity

2815 Soma (Vedic)

37452 Spirit

5264 Telephus

33154 Talent

14917 Taco

586       Thekla( escape danger like Jupiter in the 12th)

1685—Toro( a bully)

32532 Thereus

42355 Typhon

4257 Ubasti (Egyptian)

1585 Union

1282 Utopia

447 Valentine

4 Vesta (Roman)

3402 Wisdom

7707 Yes

7440 Zavist (envy)

5731 Zeus (cheater)




















17 thoughts on “The Asteroids I Use

  1. foglia

    dear ami,
    i ve spent more than two hours in your website. i loved it. so many precious info!!
    astrology is in my life for more than 6 years. trying to keep statistics so that i can share some repetitive incidents etc. asteroids, tertiary progressions, draconic charts & return charts r my fascinations. that’s why i visit lindaland very often. u may lough here: it was this morning that i realized u r asteroids forum’s amianne!
    i wish that forum would be a place like this; a platform where we d share our methodologies, experiences & we d help each other. unfortunately veteran friends keep chatting with each other rarely paying attention to newcomers; newcomers (& some people) keep haunting only some people (iq u answer me!! kind of things) & finally tons of ‘look at our synastry; u see how wonderful it is’ kind of posts!! sorry for saying this but not a welcoming place for the ones who seek some info & support. (please forgive me for saying all those)
    there r many asteroids that we (a small group of astrolovers) follow regularly; we love having some concrete results.some methods, some asteroids, some progressive tecnics seem worth considering. if u allow me i will reccomend u some asteroids & if you find interesting i can tell about our methods later (in only one day i learnt a lot from your website; i should do something for u too :) ):
    1. asteroid saga (for soul connections, ‘long’ stories)
    2. amata, amati and amadora for synastry
    3. asteroids that exactly conjunct a planet or an angle in both charts for synastry (we observed that they play pivotal role for the couple in events (such as meeting day- engagement- break up etc)
    4. name asteroids for geographical places for specific events that happen in certain places

    it was a nice trip that i experienced in your place. have a nice day…

    1. amiann Post author

      Dear Foglia
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my day :) What is your LL name? I will come back and study your comments as I need to look at them slowly and see what I can add. I am so glad you enjoyed my website. That makes me feel very happy!

      1. foglia

        it is great to hear that i contibute your daily mood in a positive way :) i will be looking forward to reading new posts on different asteroids.

        i m nastenka; however most probably from now on i will visit that forum only to read the comments of a couple of people; thats all: no posts, no contributions.
        both attitude and content (even the technical circumstances aswell) made me decide that i would only be a passive reader occasionally; nothing else…
        have a nice- pleasant week…

  2. Gabby

    Thank you Ami, i will write these down and categorize them by aspects in our charts, to make it easier! Again, Thank you! Right now im going back to sorting(eating) my kids Halloween candy! Thank you so much for your reading today, you really helped me see/understand the direction i need to go and gave me some peace of mind! Your amazing! :)

    1. amiann Post author

      Aww Thank you, Gabby. May I write your kind words in my testimonial section with your name Gabby? If so, what location should I use? I am so glad the reading was helpful. That is what means the most to me! you were a delight to speak with!
      Ok, I will look forward to checking out the asteroids as asteroids are like a treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find–for better or worse :P

  3. Gabby

    Yes, definitely use me as testimonial and use wherever you’d like or both! :)
    I just got a message, my friend is coming to visit me this summer…the taurus tornado friend! I should call them TNT!

  4. GrimeyGrimes

    My crush’s nemesis conjuncts my north node and my nemesis conjuncts his south node, does that mean we’re meant to be enemies?

  5. Asuka

    Hi Ami, that’s a lot of asteroids! I can’t wait to check each one of them:)

    Anyway, I have Venus conjunct Psyche. How would that manifest?
    Considering Venus was a mean b***h to Psyche, I don’t have a very good feeling about this.

      1. Asuka

        Thank you for your reply, Ami:) It explains why I rarely fall in love. Maybe it would take my knowing a person from inside and out for me to be able to fall in love with that person completely. I do have my regular crushes now and then, but being in love with someone doesn’t happen very often to me.

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