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The Asteroids in the Chart of Travis Alexander

As I study Jody Arias and Travis Alexander, I keep opening more and more doors. When I do asteroids for a client, I add a few new ones. there are over 2000 asteroids. Hence, I have many old stand bys and a few new strange ones. Some of the strange ones appear in the synastry of Jody and Travis. I have a separate article on this. That brought me to try to understand the nature of Travis, with respect to asteroids.

A striking thing hit me when I started looking at Travis” asteroids. He has the asteroid Groom conjunct his Sun. This tells me that marriage was important to him. It seemed that way from what we have read about the case. Travis seemed like he wanted to settle down with a “suitable” girl. From the synastry, he was not that connected soul wise to Jody. They were super attracted sexually. It would have been like raging fire. The charts show this but wildfires must come to an end when the dishes need to be done and the dog walked. Life consists of more than wild fires.

Jody’s chart showed that she lived in la-la land . She had many delusions about life. I think this is what drove her to this heinous act. I wish she had seen an Astrologer and let someone in. I think that is what she really needed. We all need a reality check on our thinking processes. Some people need it more than others.Jody was one of these people.

When one sees anything gruesome such as a murder, one looks to the Fixed Star Algol. It could be called the Fixed Star of Evil. Many serial killers have it conjunct the ASC. No one would really want Algol in a prominent place. Travis has an interesting configuration. When one looks at Asteroids and Fixed Stars, their true importance is when they conjunct PERSONAL parts of a chart. These personal parts are the Angles( ASC,DSC, IC and MC) and any of the personal planets(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus)

When an asteroid conjuncts another asteroid or a fixed star, many people will have this. For Travis, this is the case with Cupido conjunct Algol. Cupido is the look of love in order to “fake someone out”. It is the asteroid of the player who knows he is playing while he tells you he loves you. I have seen this asteroid conjunct the ASC of several players. For Travis, Cupido is conjunct Algol, the fixed star of evil. Was Travis playing with Jody? When he dropped her, did she get her revenge? It appears that way.

I have added some more asteroids to Travis chart. Travis has Sedna in exact conjunction to his ASC. Chiron is here, too. This is very sad. We can assume that he was betrayed by his family which is said to be true because both of his parents were drug addicts. Sedna is the story of a woman who was betrayed by her father. It is hard to switch sexes when you have a story about a woman and it is a man’s chart. I just had this problem recently with a client who had Medusa conjunct his ASC. He was a gay man and asked me what Medusa meant. I did not know exactly what Medusa would mean in the chart of a man. In the chart of a woman, it is betrayal from another woman as a result of the first woman’s beauty. How would that be transferred to a man? I am not sure. Any ideas would be welcomed.

We have a similar situation( as far as a woman’s myth on a man’s ASC) in Travis having Sedna conjunct the ASC. Sedna is the very sad story of a woman who longed for a good husband to take her out of the sad hovel in which she lived with her fisherman father. The house smelled like fish. Somehow, this sad detail stayed with me, so I will pass it on. At any rate, a man came to call on her. He seemed wonderful and like all she wanted in a husband. However, he pulled a trick on her and was a terrible person and a terrible husband. She ran back to her father. However, her husband had magical powers over the weather, of which the father was afraid. The father fled in a boat but the husband churned up the waters. Sedna swam out to the father’s boat to try to climb aboard to safety. Her father cut off her fingers and she drowned.Sedna is clearly about betrayal by a father. Would a man have the same story, i.e betrayal by a father. Would a man BE the father/betrayer? That is the hard thing to figure out when the sexes switch, as is the case with Travis and my client.

In this case, Travis was bullied due to Chiron conjunct the ASC. Was he bullied by a father, as was Sedna. Did HE bully a woman i.e Jody and betray her? I don’t know. I will learn more as I do more charts but for now I leave it for your consideration. I will leave Travis’ asteroids for now. I hope you got some insight into him. I have ended up with 5-6 specific articles about Jody and Travis. I hope your questions are answered in one of these. Leave questions or comments on my Comment Form.

10 thoughts on “The Asteroids in the Chart of Travis Alexander

  1. amiannJim

    Ami you mention it is very important to look for conjunctions to the angles, what happens when Algol is conjunct the IC , is this like an evil person regarding his family ? or what does this mean

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I would think that the family was evil. the IC IS the family by feeling in the home( sign on the cusp such as Saturn( cold) or Jupiter( loving). the planets modify the info about the home, too. In this case, the home was evil would be my thought. Who has this, Jim dear?

  2. amiannrenal diet

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  3. amiannYes

    I found a new couple
    Melissa Dohme and Robert Burton. If you’re interested you can find out if dejaineira and nessus are in their synastries. I dont have their birth dates though, that needs some digging.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nessus and Deja would not change based on birth times. Of course, we could not tell ASC or houses w/out birth times but we could see the aspects and that would be a lot.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I have an earth void and organization drives me batty. I will try to do your chart before I go on to another case study as these take me a long time!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          There is one part of life that I pay great attention to detail and that is when I do charts. I won’t stop until I do every asteroid. When I do a professional chart, it takes me 4-5 days. I go over every part and explain it to the person by e mail. When I do the case studies, I am the same way. That is why I put it off.

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