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The Asteroids in The Synastry of Jody Arias and Travis Alexander

I was doing the asteroids in Jody’s natal chart and it took my breath away. I decided to look at the synastry and that was so amazing that I can barely go on. I took a break because what I saw was very disturbing. As I do charts for clients, I add new asteroids. I will take asteroids that seem unusual and see how they fit with a client. I took one asteroid, Maniac, and plugged it into a clients chart. It was conjunct her North node and she was manic-depressive. I don’t draw conclusions for you. God is bigger than any chart and as big as the Universe. That is my explanation of why asteroids( and all of Astrology) is so uncanny.

With that prelude, I have a very strange Asteroid synastry between Jody and Travis. Jody has the asteroid Plunge conjunct Travis’ asteroid Lust. Jody’s asteroid Prey is conjunct Travis Chiron( the planet of pain. Travis has an exact conjunction of Chiron to the ASC. This shows severe bullying, in all cases I have seen. What does this say? Travis was bullied by everyone and the final prey of Jody.

As strange as that is, the strangeness continues. Jody has a Sun, nessus, Mercury conjunction. This conjuncts Travis Circe. Circe is someone who transforms as a supernatural being in days of old. The figure of the witch transforming herself( and others) with spells is the image of Circe. Did Travis try to transform Jody? I think one could assume that he did. This aspect would say so.

This next aspect complex is stranger still. Travis has a complex of Plunge, Saturn, Nymph and Mercury. Jody puts her North Node and her Pan in a conjunction with this.What would this say? Travis had his planet of restriction, Saturn, conjunct the planet of his mind(Mercury) This can make someone rigid about being moralistic and doing the right thing. Saturn is like a stern father. He puts the touch of the stern father on what he touches. This aspect in Travis’ Chart tells me that he was more of the adult than Jody when it came to being adult like and not just being playful lovers. However, to add to this interpretation, Jody brings the asteroid Pan to Travis’ North Node. Jody brings wild, orgy like sex where anything goes to Travis NN. Travis has Saturn conjunct the NN, so his purpose in life is to be responsible and mature. She brings him wild and out of the box sex. He says no, at some point. Did that seal his fate. Does this aspect tell us that when Travis grew up, he wanted a different kind of woman and not a wild vamp? To me, it does.


Travis” Eros conjunct Jody’s Neptune. Neptune can be a real problem in synastry. Neptune can cloud the clearest mind .Neptune make the ugliest frog look like a crown prince. For Travis, he could not see the true Jody. He saw her out of his own erotic needs. For Jody, she saw Travis through her own delusions. His Eros was the part of him that she saw clearly but that is sadly not enough.

I am going to get all kinds of flak for being honest. However, the way I look at it is that there is a language of Astrologers. Newbies cannot break in until they pay the price. This is the case with any field. I found this to be the most frustrating thing when I was a newbie. No one would say it straight. A few people like Tameem Saiid would, but most Astrologers talked in such esoteric politically correct terms that I wanted to kick the computer. My contribution to Astrology is to be as straight forward as I can.



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