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The Astrological Chart of James Holmes–The Fixed Star of Evil(Algol) Conjuncts the Asteroid of Explosion(Pholus)

Algol is the worst Fixed Star. James’ Algol conjuncts Pholus, which is an Asteroid which explodes what it touches. I gasped when I saw this. I will explain about Algol and what it means and Pholus and what it means. You will understand why I gasped.

Algol is known as the Demon Star. It is considered the most evil Fixed Star. Fixed Stars are an important part of Astrology. They are like Asteroids, in that they must conjunct pivotal parts of the chart for them to matter. The orbs must be close, too.

The word “alcohol” comes from the word Algol. This should tell you a lot. When one is drunk, one loses one’s inhibitions. One gets bravado. One “loses one’s head”. Algol walks the same line between sobriety and drunkenness. Algol could explode into violence, at any minute. Many serial killers have Algol in a prominent place, such as conjunct the Ascendant.

The people who have Algol, prominently, will have to face the most evil parts of human nature and assimilate this into themselves. The Asteroid Nessus is the same way. Algol is associated with death and pain, as well. One description of Algol is a goblin ready to grab you and pull you into a dark closet. I think I have explained the nature of Algol, well. Now, I will go on to Pholus

I have several articles on Pholus, as I have Pholus conjunct Chiron. If you know me, I do come forth with my pain in an explosive way. DON’T LAUGH. Pholus explodes what it touches. So, one does not want Pholus touching anything that will cause violence.(Just an aside. I have seen Pholus conjunct Ceres, the asteroid of unconditional love. These people explode warmth, love and acceptance.)

Pholus conjunct Algol would explode evil. Picture the worst things humans have ever done, such as murder and torture. That would be the essence of Algol.

James had Algol conjunct Pholus. Not all people will Algol conjunct Pholus are killers. Most are not. However, all will have to deal with the evil part of themselves wanting to spew out in a volcanic form.


5 thoughts on “The Astrological Chart of James Holmes–The Fixed Star of Evil(Algol) Conjuncts the Asteroid of Explosion(Pholus)

  1. amiannLil

    Can squares and t-squares formed with Algol and Nessus be bad?
    I got curious about then in my chart and found then forming aspects, but not conjunctions.
    I have a Moon conj Pallas in 19 Aries opp Pluto 19 Libra and they square Nessus In 17 Cancer.
    This opposition is part of a mystic rectangle with Sun 17 Gemini opp Neptune 21 Sagitarius as the other opposition.
    And I have Algol 25 Taurus squaring NN 22 Leo opp Vertex 25 Aquarius
    And Moon, Neptune and NN form a grand Trine.
    So it seems Nessus and Algol are involved with some important points in my chart… Any reason for concern??

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you come on my Forum and post this question. We, all, will take a look. It is free. Let me give an answer to ease your mind, though. The fact you are posing this question and concerned shows that you will be OK, as the people who are out doing bad things are not stopping to be aware of their charts! I hope to see you on my Forum 😀

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