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The Astrological Chart of Jody Arias

Continuing on my dark theme, I will look at the chart of Jody Arias. My ace astrology friends at and I are discussing it. When I saw Nessus conjunct the Sun at 2 degrees, I had to study it for myself. Is the chart destiny? Yes and No. Let’s look at her chart and try to answer that question.

Jody was born on Wed. July 9th, 1980 in Salinas California at 1:52 AM. We have a birth time for Jody.We do not for Travis, her unfortunate victim. I will discuss the synastry( how they interacted) and composite charts( chart of the relationship) in subsequent articles. First, lets look at what made up Jody.

Jody has one of the worst astrological aspects one can have, in my opinion–Chiron conj the Ascendent. It is not that close (4 degrees) but it is close enough to be felt. I would say that she was bullied severely. People who have Chiron conjunct the Ascendent live with the scars of bullying for life. It may become depression. It may become aggression. We will have to look at the rest of the chart to see in which way Jody would displace this energy but it will be there and it will raise it’s ugly head, somehow.

Jody has Moon in Gemini in the 1st House. This gives us Ruler of the 2nd in the 1st.This is someone who wants to wear monetary success on her person. To put it simply, it matters to this person to look successful. She may wear designer clothes or drive a designer car. She would not be caught dead shopping at Wal mart in an old ratty undershirt.

Moon in Gemini is the ADD moon. Some natives have told me that they cannot watch a movie from the beginning to the end. They seem to have an excessive need for stimulation. If this is not met, boredom sets in. I cannot understand this, myself, as I am never bored. I have a Gemini Sun, mercury and Venus. Gemini is intellectually happy in these places but the moon is another story. The Moon does not like to be in Gemini for the simple fact that it is always bored.

I see a very important configuration which makes me feel as if I know Jody personally. It is Venus conjunct Ceres. I know that she could make someone feel very, very loved.Ceres is as potent as heroin in the chart of a seductive person. Think for a moment about raw primal passion combined with a feeling that you were truly loved down to your toes. I bet that is what Jody gave Travis. In looking ahead to the synastry, it is Lilith full.Lilith is raw,sexual passion.

When you do charts of seductive people, check out the Ceres. Check out the Ceres when someone seems to care for you in a selfless way. I had that with a friend who seemed to have a warm heart for me, although she was not a deep feeling person at all. Her Ceres was conjunct my Gemini stellium. Cere is a mother’s love. It is one of the most potent love asteroids in the chart.. Love combined with primal sex is off the charts in intensity. It is not for the faint hearted or the immature because it is as potent as nuclear power.

She has the Sun combust Mercury at 4 degrees. The combust is one of my signs for mental illness. The closer, the more detrimental. Four degrees is at the tail end of the combust. The combust is Sun conjunct mercury at 5 degrees or less. The combust is a literal fire from the Sun burning up Mercury. I am saying it this graphically for purposes of teaching. Mercury is not really getting burned up, obviously but think of how it feels in a fire. You can’t think. You can’t reason. You are in survival mode. This is how I picture the combust. Their main trait is that they cannot detach. . To put it simply, they take everything too personally. If you insult them, they are in your face before they can pull back and think that you may be the jerk. You may be the one with the problem. Everything revolves around them, to put it simply. I know I will make people mad with this but the chart is what it is. We all have good and bad aspects. Truth is love.

Neptune is in the 8th House. Neptune fogs what it touches. The 8th House is one’s primal passions and emotions. If you can’t talk about it at a cocktail party, it is in the 8th house. This would include the passions of which playwrights talk. It would be what went on in my favorite play”Long Day’s Journey Into Night”. There was drug addiction. There was extreme selfishness. There was off the charts pain but it was all pushed down under the surface while people talked in niceties. This would be Neptune in the 8th house.

Uranus is in the 7th house. This placement can indicate divorce. She was not married but this placement can indicate instability in serious relationships. They can have a back and forth aspect to them as in breaking up and making up with intensity. This relationship seemed to have this.

Jody is an almost Fire Void. She has Neptune in Fire. This is not a personal planet but a generational one. All people of her generation have Neptune in Saggi. For Jody, one can look at her Neptune in two different ways. It is a Fire Singleton. This can make it stronger and make the person obsessed with it. Neptune can be a really scary planet.It can lock one into delusions. It is the planet of mental illness. Mental illness IS delusion. When Neptune is in a square or an opposition( or even some conjunctions) we can have a real problem with the person’s grasp on reality. Delusions can feel like a bell jar, as expressed in Sylvia Plath’s famous book by that name. Neptune can feel like a padded cell from which one cannot escape even though one obsessively feels the walls. Do all people with this Neptune do what Jody did? No. Most do not. Does this Neptune make for delusions about what is going on in one’s primal nature? Yes.

Jody’s Neptune opposes the Moon( 10 degrees), Venus( 4 degrees) and Ceres( 2 degrees). The neptune/Moon opposition would be ambient as it is the outermost orb for a planet. One could live in a fantasy world and find it hard to separate reality. However, at 10 degrees, it would be very ambient. I talk about it to explain it. Neptune does oppose Venus closely enough to be felt, though. In this case, Jody would idealize love. Neptune oppose Venus is very, very powerful. If you have it in synastry, you may think the frog is a prince until you get to know him. In actuality, he is the biggest, fattest bull frog on the pond. Watch for this opposition in synastry as it will prevent many problems by foreknowledge. Jody would idealize love. She would probably not understand that doing the dishes, walking the dog and doing the laundry is love, too. She may think love is what is seen in musicals and love ends when the people stop walking on air.

Uranus is trine Mercury exact and the Sun at 4 degrees. Uranus touching the Sun or Mercury in a positive aspect like the trine can make for intellectual brilliance. It is an out of the box intelligence, not a number counter intelligence. I would say that Jody was very intelligent and in a individualistic way.

Jody’s 5th house is interesting because it has the both great benefactor( Jupiter) and the stern taskmaster( Saturn) therein. With Saturn in the 5th, one is repressed. With Jupiter in the 5th, one is confident.. I have seen people with both here and I am not sure which wins out and how. If you have this, let me know on my Comment Form. I would say that the person would go back and forth between the two poles of low self esteem to super confident. Saturn in the 5th can be a shutting down of self expression such that one is afraid to play and create because one may look silly. Jupiter is the opposite where one may get into the center of the room with a lampshade on one’s head.

Jody has Eros conjunct NN at 5 degrees which is too wide for an asteroid. Yet, I mention it because it may be ambient and it is a strange asteroid to have conjunct the NN, in light of the facts of this case. Eros conjunct the NN would be someone whose life purpose is erotic love.

On, we were discussing Mars in the charts of sadists. Some people talked about the Retro Mars as being one that stuffs anger until it blows and then goes crazy. I have seen an Unaspected Mars lose it. It was not a pretty sight, so when one looks at a disordered person, one must check out the Mars. For Jody, she has a fascinating Mars. It is at the 29th degree which is the frozen degree. This person cannot move. They are frozen in inaction. Whatever planet has the 29th degree makes for a frozen planet. If it is Venus, the person is frozen and can’t go forward in love. If it is the Moon, the person is frozen in his emotions and really can’t go forward with intimacy which is emotional expression.

For Jody, she does not act easily. To add to this, her Mars has one main aspect and that is a conjunction with Saturn. Saturn cools what it touches and makes it obsessive. Hence, I would say that Jody was obsessed with action, passion, drives and goals. However, she felt frozen in that she could not really do these things easily. I think she may have stuffed her anger and her passion until it exploded. She has an almost Unaspected Mars. This is my own category. I have an Unaspected Venus so was very interested in Unapsected planets. There is precious little on them, so I made my own studies. As I did charts, I found that people had semi Unaspected planets which acted like Unaspected planets. Hence, I formulated the category from doing charts. For Jody, if a semi Unaspected Mars is anything like an Unaspected Mars, when she lets loose, it is not a pretty sight. It is out of control and gruesome, kind of what happened in the murder of Travis Alexander.


Jody has Venus conj the Moon. This makes for a very, very charming person. If we add Ceres, we have charm that is hard to resist.

She has Neptune in the 8th quincunx Sun and Mercury in the 3rd( combust) This is a powerful aspect and more so in light of what happened. Perhaps, this is one of the roots. Her combust of Sun/Mercury makes it very hard for her to pull back from any ego slights. We discussed this. However, if we add the quincunx to Neptune, she will have a very hard time even knowing her own emotions, ego and self, basically. She is fogged to herself. She does not know who she is. Her identity is fogged. This is a very hard aspect. The quincunx tells us that she can transform this. However, she did not, obviously.

As I wind up Jody’s chart, I take note of her chart shape. All of her planets but two are in the bottom half. The 2 on the top are not personal planets, but generational ones exacerbating this point. This chart configuration is one of an introvert. Do introverts commit heinous crimes? No, but introverts suffer more than extroverts in that they take things too personally. The introverted chart shape combined with the Sun combust mercury shows us a person who took everything very personally. This is the kind of person you do not want to insult and be on the receiving end.






7 thoughts on “The Astrological Chart of Jody Arias

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is a lovely placement. Are you make or female? It means you are very warm and people feel unconditional love from you. This is one of my all time fave placements—Ceres con the ASC.

  1. amiannpeach33

    Big smile from meeee 🙂 thanks for quick response. I am a female. I am like that most of the time when I feel at ease and open up. I did look up a couple more asteroids in aspect to my asc, also have sappho conjunct and eros trine from 9th house.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sappho is a great one to have conj the ASC. You give off erotic vibes but with refinement. Eros trine the the ASC would magnify it. Would you like to send me a picture to my e mail. All the poeple with these placements are gorgeous!

      1. amiannpeach33

        This is soo great to hear. As for sappho, I looked it up a bit and from the consistency of most articles it is quite accurate. I am very artistic/creative and love to be surrounded in what I consider to be beautiful, lush, & soulful environment. Writing and poetry is a true gift for me. My poetry is often a reflection of deep emotions within the psyche and complexities/beauty of our human interactions… the cadence wrapped in many metaphors, immense sensuality, to spiritual atonement. I feel though having Pluto in 3rd house quintile my Asc aides in this, as well Sun in Gemini trining Pluto.

        I do work in atmosphere that involves many females, yet predominantly male clientele.

        I’ll enclose a photo 🙂 thank you for having such a wonderful site. Truly enjoy your perspective on a subject we both have passion for.

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