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The Bible Stands Alone for Lessons in Life

Someone made the statement that if you threw all books away and just had the Bible, you would have all you needed to figure out the life’s questions.I never forgot that statement. It seemed strange. It seemed silly but I think he was right. There are so many many books on everything. The books are written by men.The Bible is inspired by God. It is written by God through the hands of men. There is nothing that one cannot hope for that will not come to pass if a person has faith. Most Christians do not take the Bible Promises and see what will happen if they try to put them to the test. A Christian who is depressed has not taken the Bible Promises as his own. A Christian who is depressed is thinking about himself as he was programmed to do from his parents. The person probably has a failure mentality. Our ideas fuel our emotions. Depression is sadness and hopelessness. If a Christian is sad and has low self worth, he has not understood how much God loves him.If a Christian feels hopeless, he has not understood the hope that Jesus made possible for him.

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