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The Chart Can Help You Get Self Acceptance

Most people treat others like kings and themselves like paupers. The Astrological chart can help with this. I have never seen traditional counseling help. If it has I have not seen it. On the other hand, counseling using the chart is life changing especially if the Astrologer will go deeply. The chart is the clearest picture of oneself. It is an X-ray which goes beyond the bones, into the cells. The only explanation for that is that it is from God. I have only seen goodness come from my chart readings.I have seen people set free. For myself, I leave my own chart for last. However, as I do other people’s charts, I learn about mine by osmosis. I want to share how learning about your own chart deeply can set you free.

Each person has distinct gifts. I accept the premise that God made each person for a purpose. The most important purpose is to find Him. That is number one. After that, God made each person for a particular service. However, here is the key. You will LOVE what you are supposed to be doing.It will not be a hardship. God is all about love. Throw away the punishing God with the thunderbolt ready to zap you. That is not God. That may be your father. That may be society in general. That may be people who are jealous of your success but it is not God. To find what you were created to do, find your passion. The concept is simple but the doing is hard. If one’s passion is off beat, it makes it harder. However, I believe the theory holds 100% true.for everyone. Each person was given special and unique gifts by God. The trick is to find them. One finds them in a simple way. They are one’s passions. Your gifts are what you would do if you were not paid. You do them because you love them. When you engage in this activity, you lose time. You have a peace and a deep joy unlike any other. Once you find your gift(s), you are on the track to self acceptance. You will start to see that you have a purpose on earth. Man was created to be a giver . The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. Think of how much more exciting it is to buy a present for someone else than yourself. You can find pleasure by meeting your needs but not true happiness. We were created that way. Man is supposed to be like a body of water with tributaries. It is not supposed to be like the Dead Sea with no outlet.

After you find your gift, start to use it. It is rare to see someone who uses his gifts openly: without asking for anything back. It is an anomaly but a nice one. People will relax when they see you are sincere. They may think you are different or weird but that is OK. People who have Jesus are supposed to look different than the world. The Bible says that people will be able to identify the followers of Jesus by their love. It is rare for people to see that level of commitment to Jesus that would cause others to comment . However, that is supposed to be the norm not the rarity. Paradoxically, as you follow God’s program you will find a solid self confidence which eluded you when you tried to do it your own way.

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