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The Chart of the Malignant Narcissist

I sit quietly on my porch and articles tell me to write them. This is one of those. I don’t have the last word on this subject. No one does. That is the beauty of Astrology. It allows for discovery. In that spirit, I want to tell you which placements I think are involved with Malignant Narcissist (Mal.Narc)

People will tell you Leo, right off the bat. Leo is the most self centered sign. However, being self centered and being a MN are two very different things. Let’s talk about that. Leo Asc is the most self centered ASC, in my opinion. We are all self centered but Leo is the sign of the child and you all know how self centered children can be. However, just having a Leo ASC can tell you that the person will likely be self centered but that is all. Leo Sun is the same way. Leo Moon is different in that the childlike beauty of Leo comes out in the Moon.

I think that Aquarius and Libra would be culprits in the Mal. Narc.I will explain why. With Libra, I think it would be Libra Moon, only. Libra as a Sun can be indecisive but that is not Mal Narc. Libra as an ASC is a positive placement. The person is gracious and harmonious.Libra ASC is one of the most considerate Ascendents. It is the sign of the diplomat.

Libra Moon, on the other hand, is named the Courtesan’s Moon. This refers to her ability to have sex divorced from feeling. I recently had a run in with a Libra Moon and saw just the degree of coldness this Moon can embody. One has to experience these placements to know. That is why if you want to learn Astrology, jump in and do charts. It is like a newbie doctor who has to jump in and work on patients. Everyone starts as a beginner. If all you know is Sun signs, jump in and tell people about their Sun signs( and pick their brains) Back to the Libra Moon. It is a cold moon. A cold moon could betray you unlike a warm moon such as Cancer, which stays loyal.

Aquarius would be implicated in my placements for the Mal Narc. Aquarius is the coldest sign of the Zodiac. I like Aquarius in Venus and Mars. In these placements, it takes the best of Aquarius and uses it. These placements are fair, just and good to have in a partner or a friend. The Aquarius coldness and aloofness do not seem to come through with Mars and Venus. The Aquarius Moon is one of the worst positions for the Moon. This is because the Moon is one’s deepest heart. It should not be a cash register or a doctoral thesis. It should FEEL. Being able to feel gives empathy. The Moon should have empathy. If it does not, there are problems because the person is a mutant of some sort. Will I get raked over the coals for this? YES. However, I tell you my opinion from as honest a place as I can. This is one man’s opinion.

I think Aquarius Sun is a bad place for the Sun. It is in it’s Detriment, first of all. Aquarius Sun has the bad quality of being wonderful to humanity but cold to people. That one line will take you a long way in understanding Aquarius.

I pause to ask a question. Can the Mal Narc help it? The answer is a resounding NO. Will they hurt you? The answer is a resounding YES.Can a person be a Mal Narc with a good chart? My answer is No.

Let’s go on with Mal Narc placements in the chart. Jupiter has to have problems, in my opinion. Jupiter is conscience.The Mal Narc lacks empathy and conscience. If the Jupiter has many hard aspects( squares and oppositions) the conscience will be impaired. Will this make them a Mal Narc? No. Will this make their conscience less than good? Yes

To study the subject of the Mal Narc, one must major on the Moon and Jupiter. Even a Moon in it’s best sign, Cancer, could have lots of hard aspects to it. These aspects could turn it into a tough and uncaring Moon.So, if one wants to evaluate the chart for Mal Narc, one must look beyond the Moon sign to the aspects.

This it the same with Jupiter. Jupiter in a water sign would have the best developed conscience. However, if that Jupiter had lots of squares and oppositions, this would over ride the sign.


4 thoughts on “The Chart of the Malignant Narcissist

  1. amiannpeach33

    Going to that Libran moon is some insight… I had a girlfriend a few years back with this placement. At the time I thought we were building a great friendship and were close. Although as time went by she showed some inconsistency and ultimately when she moved away didn’t make any effort to keep in touch. Was a bit sadden. Now I admit to not always having had been the perfect friend to other friendships. So I’ve learned alot humbly. My moon is Sag and my sun is in 11th house (ruled by Aquarius). Also with the whole courtesan aura, she also shared with me to having an escort style life for income. That was spot on.

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