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The Charts Of Sociopaths

In exploring the charts of sociopaths, one must ask far reaching questions. Is one born a sociopath? Is one born with tendencies to be a sociopath, but needs environmental factors to manifest? Is a sociopath created by abuse? Astrology can answer many questions in which other fields demure. However, it cannot answer them with certitude because God is always in the picture. God is ALWAYS greater than anything named on the earth. The label sociopath is named on the earth. As such, there is no sociopath who cannot be changed through God. God is in the business of miracles. Our salvation is a miracle, unto itself. Miracles are nothing to Him and He is just waiting for the chance to transform someone’s life

As to the specifics of the charts of sociopaths, there are many. I am not an expert, but endeavoring to learn, and as such, can talk about some specific factors which, often, show up in the charts of sociopaths The planet Jupiter shows one’s conscience. Jupiter is always stressed in the charts of sociopaths. . There are many red lines going from Jupiter out to the rest of the chart. The red lines are stress aspects.

The moon which is one’s heart and the most tender of planets, is usually stressed, also. It will hit a hard edged planet such as Mars or Pluto and it will, usually, hit it strongly. The moon,also, shows ones relationship with woman. Many sociopaths dislike woman.

The Asteroids Nessus and Dejaneria will, usually, be prominent. Nessus shows how we are likely abuse others . Deja shows how we are likely to be victimized.

The sociopath chart, usually, has a strong Nessus, I will write more on this, as I study more about it.

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