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The Eigth Step to Understanding House Rulers

We have dealt with the Ruler of the 1st House(Chart Ruler) traveling to another House and residing there. This is fairly simple. We have dealt with Rulers of OTHER Houses traveling to the 1st House and residing there. These House Rulers add to the natives image and enhance it(except for the 8th and 12th). This is fairly easy, too.

We have dealt with the Ruler of the 2nd House traveling to OTHER Houses and residing there.This shows us where and how the native will make money. Now, we need to see what happens when OTHER Houses put their House Rulers INTO the 2nd House. Are you seeing how House Rulers work, now?

Back to the 2nd House. What happens when OTHER Houses put their Rulers INTO the 2nd House? That will be the subject of this article. House Rulers are very logical, once you get the sense of it, as is everything in Astrology.Astrology mirrors the exquisite order of the Universe.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 2nd– the 2nd House will be a very important House for the native. Meeting his basic needs for housing and money will be a basic theme in his life.

Ruler of the 1st in the 2nd—one’s identity, to oneself, will be defined by how one meets one’s basic needs. One will think one’s value is in how well one does in life, financially

Ruler of the 3rd in the 2nd–one may use his communication skills to make money such as giving seminars on stocks and bonds

Ruler of the 4th in the 2nd–one may make money from a home based business.One’s home could be used to make money such as in child care, foster parents, dog sitting in one’s home cooking from one’s house and catering etc

Ruler of the 5th in the 2nd–one may take hobbies and uses them to make money. One may make money through romance such as being a “mistress”.One may make money through doing “fun” enterprises, such as being a clown or planning parties.

Ruler of the 6th in the 2nd—one may make money from practical service such as car mechanic, dog walker, hair dresser.One uses his natural ability to serve, in order to make money . This is the exchange of a natural service for money.

Ruler of the 7th in the 2nd—one may want one’s marriage partner to bring money to the marriage.One will make one’s money from “being” a marriage partner or “using” ones role as a marriage partner to make money. This would be the “marry for money” position

Ruler of 8th in the 2nd–one may make money from one’s natural abilities in a “”taboo” fields such as psych, detective work, archeology: anything that deals with subjects which are below the surface

Ruler of the 9th in the 2nd–one may make money from one’s natural abilities in Astrology, higher education, travel such as a travel agent or philosophy, such as a writer in this field.

Ruler of 10th in 2nd–one may make money from using one’s traditional career or from one’s role in society such as a debutante making money using her position in the highest ranks of society to sell an item with her “brand” on it. I think of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Ruler of 11th in 2nd–one may make money from using one’s ability to become a leader in a group, or trusted member of a group, to make money

Ruler of 12th in 2nd–one may make money from one’s mystical, spiritual or psychic abilities which can be parlayed in to making money.


One can see overlap,many times, in that the duo looks the same. That can happen, but there are always, subtle, differences. If you take Ruler of the 2nd in the 10th and Ruler of the 10th in the 2nd,there is overlap but the main KEY is who serves WHOM.

An example of a strident difference would be in The Ruler of the 2nd in the 7th. This would be making money from working with relationships, such as a marriage counselor. Ruler of the 7th in the 2nd, may marry the partner FOR money.

Ruler of 2nd in 11th would make money from working with groups or in a group. Ruler of 11th in 2nd, one would make money using his role as a group member, such as a paid spokesman for a group.

Ruler of 2nd in 5th would be one would make money from hobbies. Ruler of 5th in 2nd would be one would USE one’s sense of fun or romance to make money. This could be someone who romance someone FOR money.

With Ruler of the 2nd in the 6th one would make money from service. With Ruler of the 6th in the 2nd, one would USE one’s ability as a service person to make money. These seem, virtually, the same. This may be the case, when one goes back and forth between houses. It may not be the case, as well. In the 2nd to 7th House interplay, there is a difference.

One may judge the 2nd/7th axis of House Rulers. The 2nd in to the 7th may seem more laudable than the 7th in to the 2nd. Astrology deals with facts, not judgements.

Please, ask any questions. It is a very detailed subject and can get VERY confusing.The key to House Rulers is ‘Who serves Whom?” if one keeps that in mind, at all times, one will understand. House Rulers

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