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The Eleventh Step to Studying House Rulers

We are on the 5th house. We have explored the 5th House, a great deal, in the previous articles .We will go on with the Houses we did not do.

The Ruler of any house in it’s own House, tells you that that house will be a life theme, for you. So, the Ruler of the 5th in the 5th would fall under that rubric. This person would value romance, fun, creativity and hobbies, a great deal.

Ruler of the 5 in the 7th would be someone who would not want fast, short romances. He would want romance to be in the context of a marriage. Ruler of the 7th in the 5th would be a Player aspect. He may want to take the energy he could put in to marriage and put it into flings.

Ruler of the 5th in the 8th would want to take his romantic nature and use it with a soul mate. Ruler of the 8th in the 5th would be a Player aspect. He may not want to deal with real emotional and sexuality intimacy. He may rather have short flings which do not demand intimacy.

Ruler of the 5th in the 9th. This person would be a serious person. He operates on a more elevated plane than someone who has an immature outlook on life i.e constantly searching for his own pleasure. Ruler of the 9th in the 5th. This would be a Player aspect. Instead of developing his spirituality, he puts his spiritual energy in to fast, short romances and fun.

Ruler of the 5th in the 10th. This person will sublimate his desires for fun and romance into making something of himself, in society and career. He is too serious person with his time and resources to waste them on immature practices. Ruler of the 10th in the 5th. This is a Player aspect. Instead of building a career and a place in society, he may be having flings . One cannot conclude that someone is a Player from isolated aspects. This is for purposes of learning that we must separate the parts of the chart. The Master Astrologer is such because he can make a whole from the parts.

Ruler of the 5th in the 11th. This person looks to groups for fun. He may be part of a group which does activities such as mountain climbing or biking. Ruler of the 11th in 5th.He does not like groups as much as one to one interaction. He would rather do his own thing than be in a group, for fun

Ruler of the 5th in the 12th–This may be loss having to do with children. In my case, it was loss of a child. It may be loss of romance, fun or creativity in one’s life. I am researching planetary placements in the 12th and it’s relationship to House Rulers.

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  1. amianntajb23

    5th house ruler in the 12th can also be indicative of secret or private love affairs. My ex has leo in the 12th & ascendant and boy oh boy….Did I say he was my “EX” right??!!! lol

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