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The Forest—The BIG Picture With Astrology

I have been writing about many kinds of trees. There are the planets, the angles, the houses, the signs the asteroids, the elements,the aspects, house rulers and many more. There are many trees in this forest. Each tree must be studied until one becomes fluent with it, like a language. At some point, it all comes together, as an A-ha moment, such as when one learned to read. For the person who is struggling with the trees, the big picture is a blending of the trees . Astrology is like a painting where one can see the whole and the trees, at the same time.The key word in Astrology is blending. One cannot blend until one knows the parts, intimately. For the few who are called to Astrology with a heart passion that will not stop, keep at your studies. The forest will emerge and you will be happier than words can say.

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