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The Fourth Step to Understanding House Rulers

I am doing House Rulers on my FB page. I just did Nathy’s and Alyssa’s. You can see how they are done. If you are on FB and click “Like” on my FB page, I can send all my articles and what goes on, on my FB page, to yours.

I want to go on to the next step with House Rulers. If you have read my first three articles, in this series, you should be able to do the first step, which is the easiest. You should be able to identify the ASC and the ruler of the ASC, which is called the Chart Ruler. For a quick review. The ASC is the cusp on the First House.If you have a Scorpio ASC, your Chart Ruler would be Pluto.Pluto is the planet that rules the sign of Scorpio. Then, you can see the House in which Pluto resides. That House will, always, be one of the most important spheres of life, for you.


We will go on. House Rulers is a system which shows which spheres of life are important to each person. More so, certain spheres of life “serve” other spheres of life. This is the ESSENCE of chart rulers. I will try to explain what I mean, in general. Then, I will go on, with examples. We will take a Players Chart for an example of how Houses serve other Houses. With a player, he will have a full 5th house, the house of quick romances and fun. He will have, at least, three planets in the Fifth House, usually. So, Rulers of OTHER Houses are situated in the Fifth. We can say that these other Houses are serving the Fifth. For example, Players will often have the Ruler of the Tenth, Ruler of the 8th, Ruler of the 7th and Ruler of the 5th in the 5th house.

This translates to four Houses serving his need for romance, play and fun, which is what the 5th House rules. So, if we look at Ruler of the 10th in the 5th, we can interpret it like this.The man takes his drive for a career and a place in the general society and subsumes it to his drive for fun( the 5th House). If Ruler of the 8th is in the 5th, the man takes his need for soul mate emotional bonding and soul mate sex and subsumes it into his drive for fun and romance( the 5th). If Ruler of the 7th is in the 5th, the man takes his natural desire for one loyal committed partner, which is the 7th house, and subsumes that drive to his drive for fun and romance. I hope you can see how House Rulers work, from this example.


6 thoughts on “The Fourth Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannDL

    i wish to ask a question im sure many want….or already asked you before 🙂

    how does intercepted signs work in the house ruler system?
    does one planet rules 2 or 3 houses while other planets rule none?

    btw keep writing those great articles
    they are giving good information on a subject not much explored ^^

      1. amiannDL

        just what i thought 🙂

        its just that with equal houses my planets move from one house to another…
        but research is all important to know things truly so il come back after some research 🙂

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