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The House That Evil Built—–Growing Up With a Malignant Narcissistic Parent

I don’t want to write this. You probably don’t want to read this but it is a reality that some people grow up in homes where lies populate and the child fears he will lose his sanity or he does. I feel I am betraying my family by writing this. I wonder if I am making it up. All that is common when you grow up with a malignant narcissist as a parent.

I think the hardest thing is swimming through the lies without letting them drown you and from the drowning, kill you. The malignant narcissist parent will not own any of her emotions. She projects them on you and then blames you for them. It is very, very hard for the child. It does take a great deal of fortitude and God’s grace not to lose one’s mind. There will be damage, though, as the child will have to warp to survive. The child will be like the bent tree. It did not die but it became some form of a mutant.



I will be back

5 thoughts on “The House That Evil Built—–Growing Up With a Malignant Narcissistic Parent

  1. amiannDaughter to MNP

    Please write more in this subject.
    I’m one of those adult daugthers who grew up with a narcissistic mother and it has affected me deeply deeply in all ways through life. And still do – al though I now know what’s going on.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much. I started this and guess dropped it because of the pain but I will write more as you requested it and that shows me it is important!

  2. amiannMaria

    Did anyone call my mother???? Hahahahahaha My greatest accomplishment is that at last I am able to laugh about her and our fated abusive relationship!
    “Daughter of MNP” plz do read my posts here and know that you are not in any way alone.

    After all of this I feel grateful for having such a mother frankly because I became an empathic and nurturing human being even towards her.

  3. amiannClaire

    (((HUGS))) to you Ami. It kills me to know you had to endure this as a child. I have worked with kids most of my adult life and have witnessed the effects of abuse on my babies (Jupiter in 5H). My ex is a narcissist. That trait did not rear its head until I became pregnant with our daughter. Thankfully, I have primary custody and she only has to see him on scheduled visitation and she came to her own conclusion (no influence from me. If I did that, I would be as awful as he is.) that he is a dork. I do feel for you because I have scars from that relationship, but I was an adult. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a defenseless child. My Pisces Moon hurts for you and I think you are a brave, courageous woman for sharing this with us.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Claire. You made my day with that kind comment. I have cancer Moon in exact conjunction with the MC. People are gonna see my heart because the planet on the MC will be shown to the world, whether the person likes it or not lol

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